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Monthly Archives: September 2016

  • Make a difference !!

    We love people who make a difference! Mumbai’s Jaideep Sajdeh started making shopping bags from used cloth. The bags are green because they are made of old sheets, napkins and table cloths. The used cloths are cut into standard sizes, checked for stains, stamped with designs and then sewn into bags. The products include shopping bags, shoe bags ...

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  • Wellicious Catsuit

    Living Beautiful and Healthy has just send us this wonderful yoga sequence in our Wellicious Catsuit. Please check out her blog as she has plenty of tips on health and beauty. We especially love her "soft skin sugar scrub"!

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  • Wellicious Collection Is Now Online!!

    Our new Wellicious collection is online! There is no better way to celebrate it like with sun salutations with @lovebykimb. They center our heart, focus our mind, give us inner power and give us lots of energy to start the day! Namaste!

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  • Woman's Retreat

    Do you sometimes not know how to balance your strong and powerful masculine side with your soft and receptive feminine side? @gabrielabozic will host with Puja Verena Lepp a woman's retreat from the 13th-16th of October in Bavaria. This intensive course will guide you towards defining and reclaiming your unique feminine gifts and capacities, as ...

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  • Last Days Of Sunshine

    It is time to enjoy the last days of sunshine in our Wellicious Joy Leggings and Crossing Tank in tie dye black. We love this photo by @lovebykimb in Bonaire. It completely reflects our state of mind as it is calm and serene. After a summer full of laughter and fun it is sometimes also nice to take a little break and reflect on the past months. ...

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  • Three of the best mediation apps for relaxation

    Three of the best mediation apps for relaxation Meditation used to happen in a remote place, far away from civilisation, and within a calm environment. We at Wellicious take time to meditate whenever we can, but sometimes life gets in the way and we need to find ways of incorporating our meditation into our daily (often busy) routine. It turns ...

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  • Yoga lessons online

    We have just found our Wellicious Crossing Tank and Joy Leggings in Tie Dye Blue in an article about Yogaia. Yogaia is an internet app which offers DVDs and online sessions. You can even do yoga lessons with a live online instructor in your living room. We will try it out. Have a nice weekend! For more information: ...

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  • In love with Lesliesaglio's blog

    The Wellicious team is in love with Wellness & Life Coach @lesliesaglio's blog: "A challenge for your mind, but vital for your health". According to her, 5 minutes can be enough to relax and recharge your batteries. Just try it and see it for yourself! Leslie is also an avid Wellicious fan! Visit her website for more information: http://www ...

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  • we will celebrate our 9th Wellicious anniversary

    You can't do yoga the whole day! So we spend a lot of time looking for delicious healthy recipes! This weekend we will celebrate our 9th Wellicious anniversary, so we will bake a sugar-free vegan berry tart with chocolate filling! Not so sure if ours will look like @happilyhealthy_bylealou's tart though!

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  • AntiGravity Yoga

    We love @sarahhighfield in Wellicous! Our Wellicious seamless collection is made with Organic Cotton, so that you don't need to worry about the environment, whilst doing AntiGravity Yoga! If you have any back issues you should definitely look for classes in your area. AntiGravity Yoga can also help to increase your strength and flexibility. Our ...

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