The ethical – and selfish – choice

The ethical – and selfish – choice

Most of us watch closely what goes into our mouth and what’s in our food, and here at Wellicious we are no exception. But let’s not forget that the body’s largest organ, the skin, also readily absorbs whatever it comes in contact with – and most of the day, that’s our clothes.

Wellicious thinks that what touches our skin matters. It’s not hard to find cheap clothes, made of cheap cotton, but the price tag is only made possible by cheap production. What does this mean?

It means that production relies on the use of pesticides to ensure abundance – producers need a lot of cotton, in as short a time frame as possible. And it’s exactly those pesticide residues that we’re absorbing through our skin. It also means that workers involved in cotton farming are breathing in chemicals.

Another reason why these clothes are cheap is that they’ve been produced using cheap labour, in countries where labour laws are less stringent and people work 10-15 hours a day to make ends meet.

So what to do?

Making the switch is easy: There’s gorgeous yoga clothing right here on the Wellicious website – all of our collection is ethically made, from super-soft, long-lasting, natural and organic fabrics.

Why not try us? You won’t be disappointed.

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