Only in Las Vegas: Yoga among retired neon signs

Only in Las Vegas: Yoga among retired neon signs

Here at Wellicious we’re always on the lookout for new trends, and the funkiest we’ve come across recently is this: An enlightening (forgive the pun) yoga practice at Las Vegas’ Neon Museum – among retired neon signs! Dharma yoga teacher Eileen Lorraine will teach an invigorating practice in the midst of the museum’s outdoor exhibition of retired Las Vegas signs.

Beware: Even though classes will be held in the shaded portion of the exhibition space, there’s no doubt that these sessions will be HOT. Temperatures are expected to rise past 37 degrees, so make sure you bring water and a towel. But hey, how cool would it be to practice in such a unique setting?

The pop-up yoga classes will run on Wednesdays starting at 5:30pm, all summer until the end of August. We cannot wait to take our funky Wellicious designs there!

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