5 (not so) simple rules for happiness

5 (not so) simple rules for happiness

The Wellicious couldn't agree more: a delicious fruit salad served in a coconut by Lealou (www.lealou.me) makes us really happy! But what else makes us happy? We just love these “5 simple rules for happiness”:

“Free your heart from hatred
Free your mind from worries
Live simply
Give more
Expect less”

We follow these rules wherever we can, but we also chose to approach them mindfully:

Giving is of course a wonderful concept – but it's not everything. We also need to think of a healthy amount of "taking". Surprisingly, for some people taking is hard. They keep giving – until they are depleted. Over time, the rule just doesn’t serve them well.
We can only give energy if there's some left for us in the end. We intuitively understand this about money (you can only spend what you have) but often we don’t when it comes to energy and other non-material "things".

Many people are also good at expecting less. It prevents disappointment. And it seems that if we avoid getting disappointed, we increase our chances of being happy. But quite often we actually need to expect more. We need to expect being treated fairly. The food to contain what it says on the label. Being safe when walking in the street at night. Apparel producers to manufacture clothes under fair conditions, paying a fair wage to workers.
To have expectations also means that we accept others’ expectations towards us. We are being held accountable, by ourselves, and by others. And if things don't turn out the way we were hoping for, we can learn how to use disappointment as a catalyst for change – positive change!

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