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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • 5 tips for 'Making Outdoor Yoga Part of Your Regular Practice'

    Sarah Highfield is in love with our Wellicious Joy Leggings and so are we! According to Lena OIjala 'outdoor yoga can be a beautiful way to connect to your surroundings and the serenity and peace that nature offers. Communing with the elements can create a meditative qualities that carry into your daily life, and what better time to start it th ...

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  • Skip the trip to the pharmacy – set up your own kitchen pharmacy!

    Skip the trip to the pharmacy – set up your own kitchen pharmacy! We all know that if we don’t have time to prevent illness, we will need to take time to cure it. But still, popping a pill is so much easier than rethinking what goes into our bodies. It’s a convenient, 21st century ‘quick fix’. But there’s a way around this – equally quick and e ...

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  • Happy Monday

    "Good things take time". Try to be patient with yourself and others. Happy Monday!

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  • Fun, soul-healing and nourishing yoga retreat in Tuscany

    Doesn't @lisayogalondon look stunning in Wellicious? Lisa Sanfilippo is also organizing a fun, soul-healing and nourishing yoga retreat in Tuscany in August with @reclaimyourself. Your body will also be strengthened with a healthy, plant-based sunshine drenched local organic vitalising menu by health coach Emma Fountain of @rawevolve. This all ...

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  • Trending: Green Tea Latte

    Trending: Green Tea Latte We love our coffee, but when it reached a state that we were not even operational without, it was time to consider other options! Of course we’ve tried chai tea. It does work, but requires preparation and takes 15 minutes cooking time. But now we seem to have found the perfect solution (it's SO good!): Matcha latte! Di ...

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  • New York’s new Social Wellness House

    New York’s new Social Wellness House We love the idea of creating a ‘third space’ – somewhere that’s not home, and not work. Somewhere where we consciously take time for ourselves. Somewhere where we can overcome the temptation to multitask, where we can be offline – and it’s okay. Opening early 2017 in lower Manhattan, brand new Social Wellnes ...

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  • Open Your Heart

    Open your heart like @sarahhighfield! When we feel vulnerable, our tendency is to curl inwards, to protect ourselves. Our shoulders round forward and we begin to slouch, almost as if we're creating a protective field around our heart. By stretching the front of your chest and opening your heart, you are more open and receptive to emotions, expe ...

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  • The Headstand

    Bring your head down at least once a day like @happilyhealthy_bylealou! A headstand stimulates a "face lift" by letting your skin hang in the opposite direction. It also flushes fresh nutrients and oxygen to the face, creating a glowing effect on the skin! How great is that? For more information please read here: ...

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  • 5 (not so) simple rules for happiness

    5 (not so) simple rules for happiness The Wellicious couldn't agree more: a delicious fruit salad served in a coconut by Lealou ( makes us really happy! But what else makes us happy? We just love these “5 simple rules for happiness”: “Free your heart from hatred Free your mind from worries Live simply Give more Expect less” We fol ...

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