Love is all you need

Here are 5 simple tips from international yoga teacher Gabriela Bozic, that may be of benefit to you while navigating the ship of relations.

1. Self-love. How you see and treat yourself determines how others see and treat you. If you want to love someone you must love yourself first.

2. You can’t be everything to everybody. Your partner can impossibly fullfill all of your needs. Neither can you fullfill all of theirs. Besides it would make girls’ (or boys’) nights out as well as your most favorite yogaschool satsang redundant. Obviously, that would be a terrible thing.

3. Stop nagging or fighting about points that are not the point. Be honest with you and your partner. What is really your issue? Certainly not the crumbles around the toaster or the way he squeezes his toothpaste and always leaves it open. That’s only human.

4. Learn to not shut down. Practice to stay open in any situation. Healthy boundaries are great, but shutting down keeps you away from learning the life lesson especially during a conflict.
5. Shavasana yourself! Take a rest. Lie down and take a nap. Take a longer shavasana. We’re often annoyed with our partner just because we’re exhausted. When you are relaxed and rested your nervous system and perception of things change.

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