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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • Blueberry and Vanilla Protein Pancakes

    I always have had an issue with protein consumption, with the fact I don’t eat much meat and also I can’t have the regular protein supplements as most of them are made from whey or casein which is a derivative from milk. A company called LivWell approached me with their 100% plant protein and wow, it is delicious and I can’t get enough of the s ...

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  • Beating that Winter Slump!

    We’re starting to near the end of the year, and with that also the months in which everything is darker and colder. Those days where you want to sleep in and spend the day drinking tea, perhaps reading a book and just staying in. That daily yoga routine you’ve developed over the spring and summer months seems to be forgotten. Even that new yoga ...

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  • Why go gluten free?

    Do you ever feel bloated after a meal, lethargic and even quite tired? You are not alone. More and more people report discomfort after having their meals and are unable to identify why. From my experience as a coach, most people suffer from sensitivity to gluten and they don’t even know it. A lot of my clients complain of having IBS like sympto ...

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