FYT Flash Packing Essentials

FYT flash packing essentials: In late autumn and winter you should enjoy nature, embrace the berry colours around you and drink chai tea.

I make myself comfortable with warm colours, hideaways in beautiful nature, and magnificent wellness rituals. Here are my favourite moments in nine pictures!

You shouldn’t look into the distance, because all the good, beautiful and relaxing things are closer than you think! In my case it’s South Tirol, which is just a four-hour train ride from my hometown Salzburg. So close and but again very different than my hometown. The sunrays caressing the mountains; small havens that open up between vineyards and fruit trees.

It drew me to yoga in the Biohotel Theiner's Garten in Gargazon. A biological garden of bliss, where it smells like pine everywhere and the tranquillity of the place drives away the day-to-day stress.

A whole other world awaits only a few kilometres away in Life Art Hotel Schwarzschmied in Lana. The minimalistic, urban design is so tidy that I cannot help but clean up my mind as well.

One may argue whether Thessaloniki is still "close", but to have access to the range of exotic spices you would normally only get in Thailand, it makes it look like a short trip. In this respect Thessaloniki is also on my list of favourite destination for quickly accessible late autumn, winter destinations. To stroll the markets, to inhale the scents of herbs and spices and to taste the nuts, cheeses and oils.

One spot that is closer and even more comfy is at home, snuggled up on the sofa in the comfort of my own home in my favourite feel-good outfit; with lit candles on the table and a hot cup of tea in my hand.

In wintertime I feel coped up very quickly, but I get by easier since having found the phrase “Autumn is the springtime of winter” of Henry de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Sometimes I can also be happy with climate changes since it makes it possible to enjoy the sun still in October and November and postpone the misery that winter may bring. Wearing a bathrobe, having my best wellness-mood and being in South-Tirol is the way I prefer to enjoy those last sunrays!

But once back on the sofa I think that the cold season can indeed be beautiful, provided one puts cashmere socks on cold feet and drinks warming cups of tea! It is best to read the book "The Art to Lead a Creative Life" before you get to that moment, though. The author Frank Berzbach devoted an entire chapter to the ritual of tea drinking. Great if you have a truly special tea at home. In my case that was the new Harmony Chai of Teatox which comes in a pretty, metal box. A cup of Harmony on the sofa has never hurt anyone after all.

Ideally, you get rid of all devices that can connect you to the internet (says I while writing a blog ... I know it’s not easy, but at least it’s worth a try!) and read an actual book, such as the one mentioned above, for example.


My flash packing essentials for winter:

1. The Harmony Chai blend of Teatox’s fragrance isn’t the only new addition to my kitchen, but the metal is also an eye-catcher! //

2. In Theiner's Garten Bio and Vitalhotel Gargazon in South Tirol, nature is omnipresent. Even as a painting on the wall of a room. //

3. The markets of Thessaloniki are a paradise for spices, teas and herbs. I bought gingko tea, oregano, goji berries and chokeberries. //

4. Less is more: In Hotel Schwarzschmied in Lana in South Tirol only carefully selected books are on the shelf. Each room has its own selection. //

5. The Bio-Hotel Theiner's Garten you wallow in pine scent during your yoga routine. The outfit comes from the current Wellicious collection. //

6. No secret: Travelling is part of Happiness – I discovered this postcard in the Traveller Bookstore in Thessaloniki. //

7. The Body Spray "Gingembre Rouge" by Roger & Gallet smells wonderful with a slight pomegranate scent and it shines with natural ingredients. //

8. Relax at the Schwarzschmied spa. Surrounded by their minimalistic design I can come to myself even better. //

9. Wellicious top and pants in funky berry colours - whether to cuddle on the couch or out on the mat.

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