Flashpacking Essentials

Flashpacking Essentials: During the summer I like straw, raffia and driftwood - to lush green smoothies and accessories in the color Coral

 My summer led me to the Greek islands and to some Italian pine forests. A lively festival of colours, moods and trends which is not over for me in August, even though we begin to roll into September.

 I run barefoot through the fine sand of endless beaches, and my fingers stroke weathered driftwood, when I lose myself in the shadow play of pine trees. There is no denying that August is my favourite month, perhaps because it is my birth month. And because I love this atmosphere so much I try to hold it as long as possible. Therefore for me, September and October are not standalone months, but rather a natural extension of what I like most. This summer, the colour Coral is probably the toughest competition for my favourite color turquoise. Probably because bags, melons, yoga tops and clever books are in this colour and it looks so well with natural straw and wood.

My flashpacking essentials - I love little fish pendants on bracelets, jellyfish on bottles and fantasy birds printed on handbags. Just because I like it. Because it is beautiful. Not because it would be necessary. Finally I think it is about leaving and letting go. Nevertheless, it is also about the good things, the more beautiful world. Charles Eisenstein has written a book about it with fascinating approaches. Reading books is one of the best things to do in the summer because you will appear to get lost in it for hours upon end, all whilst basking in the sunshine. And all of this tumbles back out through winter and reminds you about that magical summer with its full flavour of melons and a relaxed lifestyle.


1. Scorpios Beach Club - this is the brand new hot spot on the island of Mykonos // 2. Always a nice fit and a refreshed appearance remains: The Wellicious Yoga Top and Jellyfish Bottle of soulbottles! Because: Drinking from plastic bottles is...so yesterday! // 3. I bought my embroidered bag from Star Mela on the island Paros - I have worn it already the whole summer! // 4. My perfect trio: Follow Your Heart Mantra band of Asanayoga, fish-bracelet from the Greek jewellery label White which is founded by two sisters, bracelet with rose gold beads from New One in Salzburg // 5. Yoga in the pine forest wearing my perfect summer yoga outfit from Wellicious (because my looong summer still is not over // 6. Smoothies with everything green - and with melon ... because of the refreshing color // 7.  “Die schönere Welt, die unser Herz kennt, ist möglich” - the book is written by Charles Eisenstein and you must have read it as a thinking and acting individualism on this planet // 8. “Das Herz des Yogas” which is written by Max Power is a required suggestion for yogis and those who want to be one // 9. Basketries made of antique wood - only one of 1001 eye-catchers in the San Giorgio Design hotel in Mykonos

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