Kerstin Linnartz on being pregnant...

"Sure, you only come in a pack of two now." 

When a friend told me this during my pregnancy, it sounded logical and I was thrilled to become a "pack of two". Just like I could not wait to meet my little angel through the whole 9 months. I think it has been one of the most wonderful pregnancies one can imagine. Almost no side effects, no mood swings, fit until the last moment- I almost felt bad against those women and girlfriends who suffered like hell. .

Well, for me the last two weeks were a struggle, when my baby bump grew phenomenally. I wanted to show just that, and thus there was another photo shoot just before delivery.

After my little one had already become some kind of "prenatal model" (I did shootings for press-interviews, for my pregnancy yoga book, for my Mummy Collection for Wellicious and much more...), I was now about to do the first shooting for my new programme: be better MUM!

Wellicious_KerstinLinnartz_1Credit: Kerstin is wearing the Wellicious Radiance Top and ¾ Yoga Pants from the Mummy Collection.

I came about with the idea after crossing the 15-kilo-limit that I had put at the beginning of my pregnancy. After delivery I did not want to do one of those "after-baby" workouts that get you "as skinny as possible as quick as possible".

Like everything I do, I wanted it to be holistic, sustainable, logical, with a good fundament and first of all: easy to fit into a life with baby- for EVERYBODY!

I said, I did: VERY pregnant, I used the extra energy and inspiration given to me by my baby and developed "be better MUM": a programme combining elements of Yoga, Nutrition, mental tips for example against sleeping disorders, tips for mummy and baby and Fitness tips, of course. I found a great personal trainer to add these. By now we have just started the programme and I can already feel the first effects.

The good news: everything is being filmed by a TV production company and you can participate in the programme. We get back in shape together so to say! The first day of shooting was great and I already feel the programme will be amazing!


I will share exerpts with you here and look forward to your feedback, comments, questions and suggestions through Facebook and that I am happy to answer and share and maybe even build into the programme! It does not matter if you just want to get rid of those extra preggy kilos, are suffering from lack of sleep or are looking for your perfect outfit to work out and breast feed in: since I have dealt with these things for a long time, I am happy to share!

Just one thing is new to me, too:

being a MUM!

I am sure there will be unexpected things coming up and surprises I did not count on. I am highly excited and cannot wait, because some of the questions along my way as a "new mum" will be part of "be better MUM" and will be shared here.

So this one goes out to all the "two packs" out there and the ones who are planning to be so: here we go! In German...

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