Wellicious Fashion style with Renata Kaveh: Part I

Inspired by beauty, enthralled by form, Renata Kaveh is an internationally published fashion photographer and art director. Celebrated as one of Canada's top female fashion photographers at the WomenxWomen gala, and featured in Toronto Life's most stylish, Kaveh strives to transcend elegance from an ordinary context, creating the classic reference of tomorrow. Commercial clients include Maison Matthew Gallagher, Beaufille,  MICHI, Hudson Bay Company, Yumi Katsura, and INZI. Editorial work includes Fashion Magazine, LUSH Magazine, Dauphine Magazine, FSHN Unlimited Magazine, Dolce Magazine, and Toronto Life.

Renata Kaveh on Fashion

Renata takes us behind the scenes to discuss her personal style and steps on the other side of the lens to give us a style lesson on infusing sportswear with high fashion in these photos by Derek O’Donnell.

Many people dream of a career in fashion. Describe the turning point when you decided, "I'm doing this."

Photography has always been the ultimate escape. As a young girl, I was always playing dress up. I loved adorning my sister and girlfriends in costume and paying tribute to them with photographs. I loved and continue to love putting women on pedestals. I've always been after the romance and glamour. I couldn’t imagine myself working in a cubicle in a space where I couldn't create. I decided to go after the thing I loved most and never looked back.

Fashion Photographer Renata Kaveh with fahion critic and editor Caterina Minthe, lying in roses.Wellicious_Fashion_RenataKavehCredit: Renata is wearing the Wellicious Catsuit, a choker by Balmain, an Organza silk kimono by Paria Shirvani, Palazzo pants by Armani and sandals by Zara.

Caterina is wearing Wellicious Zing Top with a skirt and Jacket by Valentino.

Stay tuned for Part II next week!


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