A weightless weekend with our Ambassador Jane Allan

2 days in the Languedoc region of South west France. A combination of Pilates and Aerial Yoga with Ana Yerno and Jane Allan to uplift and elevate the body and the spirit.

Ana and Jane, friends and fellow performers for many years share a vision of physical wellness and optimal performance based on their experience as international physical performers.

Ana Yerno a Flamenco Dancer and Percussionist started practicing Aerial Yoga 3 years ago in Madrid as a means of relieving stress and maintaining muscle tone, she has now returned to her native Limoux and set up a busy Studio there. 

Jane Allan an aerial acrobat for 25 years, a serious practitioner of Yoga, now a Pilates teacher and Ayurvedic cook, lives and teaches Pilates in Paris. She also organises regular Pilates and or cooking retreats in Italy and Morocco. She started Pilates as a means of gaining deeper strength, endurance and balance to improve her aerial performance.

Jane and Ana conceived the Weekend en Apesanteur in order offer their local and Paris based clients the opportunity to explore the fun and excitement of the Suspended and weightless world while building control, flexibility and coordination through the practice of Pilates techniques. All this in the beautiful, rolling, relaxing country side of the Limouxin with the dramatic backdrop of the Pyrenees. The 6 participants came from Paris, Madrid, Central France and from Limoux and the surrounding area. 

Friday evening

The travellers were greeted at Carcassonne train station and delivered to their gites after a welcome drink and snack at the O' France Café in Limoux. The first session started at 8.30 am the following morning. A 60 minute gentle Pilates warm up with jane stretching out after the journey and focussing on deepening the core and keeping extremities loose and fluid - essential to control the instability of the aerial environment. A short break as each participant was presented with a beautiful, soft organic cotton T shirt courtesy of Wellicious.  Ana followed up with a dynamic first encounter with the Hammocks, inversions, strength and alignment. The participants were then invited for a swim and a vegan Ayurvedic Sadhaka's Brunch after which there was time to swim and relax by the pool. At 3pm a fresh summer fruit salad and a lightly spiced Chai were served with homemade Almond milk. And at 4pm the second session started with floor based relaxation and breathing moving up into the hammocks to work on stretches, coordination and suspended "Cocoon" relaxations. At six the participants were dropped off at their gites and for dinner "La Tantina -Nouvelle Cuisine" owned by talented, young, local chef Stefane Castain in Central Limoux,  provided a light  tastefully presented vegetarian menu for our intrepid Sadhakas.

Sunday morning

Started at 9am with a short Pilates warm up followed with Jane and Ana working together sharing their knowledge and understanding of deeper alignment, personal corrections and individual counselling, balancing and coordination finishing of with suspended "Cocoon" relaxation. A strong French coffee, a quick swim and the participants began to disperse, the long distance travellers were conveyed to Carcassonne, some to visit the medieval Cathare Cité of Carcassonne and some to take a train North or South, all taking with them the feeling of freedom, lightness, strength and well being.

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