YOGA EVERYWHERE: Yoga Hotel - 4 x Yin Yoga for Peace & Balance

YOGA EVERYWHERE: Yoga Hotel - 4 x Yin Yoga for Peace & Balance Hotel beach house in the Spreewald

Yoga works always and everywhere. Even without a yoga mat and in a hotel. I will show you four Yin Yoga poses on the go - for peace and balance at the end of a day.

My last trip took me to the wonderful beach house Boutique Resort & Spa in Lübben in the beautiful Spreewald. The yoga mat had no place in my lightweight luggage. But it was not so bad, because the wooden floor was too inviting, so as not to directly practice on it. In addition, I found a blanket in the closet, which made my yoga equally firm yet cozy. After a long day you usually do not feel like challenging and dynamic yoga practice. And that's a good thing. On the inner voice that whispers there quietly that it may be something like Quiet, namely one should necessarily listen! YANG stands for dynamism, action and movement. So exactly what anyway accompanies us throughout the day in an excess.

The opposing force must not be neglected, therefore: YIN grounds us and makes us come to rest. In the evening Yin postures are therefore just the thing to listen into all slowness deep within us to harmonize our Qi and consciously to feel the needs of our body and our soul.

For those who have no experience with Yin Yoga, here are a few helpful tips:
1. sense for the own needs. There is no right or wrong, there is only too much and too little. It is with great sensitivity, to find the point between them and to feel a passive stretch, but they do not necessarily cozy feels but can ask the body in a completely different way, as we are accustomed in our Yang stressed everyday , And do not forget: body & spirit are not the same every day a good mood!

2. No rules, no goals. Faster and faster, more and better. A philosophy of life that we all too often accompanied by on the mat, but does not help us particularly in the Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga is a very individual experience. In every human attitudes look different and also feel different. We assume, therefore, the freedom to experiment and the Yin yogapose to adapt so that it suits us. Feel more, think less - is the motto.

3. Patience is required. The special thing about Yin Yoga postures is that they are carried out with as little muscle as possible and that you maintain the attitude some time. To reach the deep layers of the body and the fascia as well as to stimulate the flow of energy in the body, each posture should be kept at least 2 minutes. Slowly you can increase to 3 minutes or more. The aim is unpleasant feelings, which usually announces the impatient ego, to distinguish them from real pain.

4. The Anatomy of YIN. The knees should feel neutral in every posture and as little pressure as possible be applied thereto. Since around the hip joints fascial structures are particularly strong, can discomfort occur here. But with prolonged practice, the fabric is smoother and you will find that you can always stay longer in the conversations. The head may simply be left hanging in the forward bends for an extra neck strain, supported with a block or book or be aligned in line with your spine. The back should be round in all Yin Yoga postures - one of the main distinguishing features of many Yang Yoga styles. For all forward bends, make sure that the pelvis tilts backwards not. If this is the case (eg shortened hamstrings by a lot of sports, often in males), increased slightly to sit on a blanket and possibly bend your knees more and fill up with a pillow or towel the distance to the ground.

5. LOLL & Tracks desirable. Between each Yin Yoga postures should be the body a break from the most unusual attitudes and listen to the very natural impulses. This can be between a down looking dog, a mini Shabasana or a child's attitude. It does not even have to be a yoga pose. Hear easy to what your body needs just! Maybe you're going without a break but also directly in the next Yin attitude.

YIN pose # 1: BUTTERFLY POSE (butterfly or turtle)
Attitude: Laying soles slightly away from the body to each other, knees fall outward. Bow with rounded back forward and stop at the point where the stretch in the back, hips and leg insides uses. The upturned palms signal the brain the desired passivity. Close your eyes, hold 2-5 minutes.
Effect: calming, balancing, activation of liver qi, life force, general well-being
Variation: either put hands or forearms on the shins on the floor or placed on a deeper forward bending beneath the calves.Wellicious_JeanetteFuchs_YogaEverywhere_1

YIN POSE # 2: shoelace (shoelace)
Posture: bend one leg, put over the other so that both knees are superimposed and the soles of the feet pointing away from the body. If necessary, sit on a blanket or a block or fill the distance between the knees with a pillow or towel. Run on both sides (right over left, left over right), each hold 2-5 minutes, close your eyes.
Effect: stretching the IT band on the leg outside, activation of liver & gall bladder meridian, "letting go" of pent-up emotions
Variation: If the attitude is too intense for pool & knees, let stretched the lower leg and / or raise the upper body more.Wellicious_JeanetteFuchs_YogaEverywhere_2

YIN POSE # 3: HALF BUTTERFLY POSE (half Butterfly)
Laying right sole to the inside of the left thigh of the outstretched leg: entertainment. Pelvis upright and centered hike with round back on the fingertips forward, as far as the inside leg and in the back a stretch is felt. Run on both sides, close your eyes, hold 2-5 minutes.
Effect: like Butterfly, calming, balancing, dissolving emotional resistances
Variation: Stay on the hands or forearms come for more intensive Dehnungauf. Waist can also be stored on a pillow or yoga bolster. Who feels flexible enough may alternatively also practice the "Dragonfly" and stretch both legs in an opponent.Wellicious_JeanetteFuchs_YogaEverywhere_3

YIN POSE # 4: DEER POSE (Reh-keeping or corkscrew)
Attitude: The legs are bent at right angles and aligned like a "pinwheel". The more the upper leg is pushed backwards, the more intense is the rotation. The upper body is rotating in the opposite direction, abdomen and heart facing the floor. The upper body can also be stored on a pillow or Yoga Bolster. Stay on your hands or come to the forearms, hang the head or support with a block. If the upper body comes to the floor, her arms are reaching out also to the front and the end are stored on the floor.
Effect: activation of the lateral and medial fascial layers, activation of the Spleen and Stomach meridian, harmony, inner balance
Variation: swan or a dove (hip is oriented parallel, one leg fully extended), the upper body can also be twisted in the opposite direction.Wellicious_JeanetteFuchs_YogaEverywhere_4

The outfit comes from the ecoluxe brand Wellicious. Jeanette wears Wellicious Easy Leggings in LS Print Celery, Celery Soft Bra, Radiance Top White Wool.

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