Six Reasons To Fall In Love With Yoga

Yoga reaches far beyond the physical benefits of weight loss, toned arms and a strong core. A mindful practice consisting of meditation and deep breathing techniques can transform your life and shape the way you interact with those around you. Whether you have access to local yoga classes or time to get away for a revitalizing health retreat, here are six reasons to get on your mat and fall in love with the ancient art that is changing the world one downward dog at a time.

1. You become healthier.

A consistent meditation and yoga practice leads to introspection, resulting in total awareness. When you contemplate reality on a regular basis, you begin to notice how your actions affect your entire life. Rather than mindlessly operating out of habit, you start to make choices that suit the most authentic version of yourself. You renounce perpetual tendencies that cause you harm and, instead, invest in healthy relationships, food and activities.

2. Creativity awakens inside of you.

Creativity is important when learning to understand and express your unique existence. Without it, you suppress parts of your essential self and stifle growth on many levels. Yoga opens you up to the possibility of stepping outside your comfort zone to articulate your story.

3. You become calmer.

Mindfully moving through postures with deep breaths helps to release deep-rooted memories and emotions that have been stored in your cell tissue. Once you let go of the past, it no longer holds power over you and you stop fighting a losing battle with yourself, thus creating a calmer, more relaxed internal environment.

4. Your vision becomes clearer.

Practicing yoga with intention provides you an opportunity to realize what you want and get your priorities in order. Once you decide what’s important to you and what no longer holds value in your life, the obstacles standing in your way become lessons rather than hindrances and help you refine your goals.

5. You grow wiser.

Moving your focus inward unlocks the door to ancient wisdom buried underneath the “shoulds” that often influence your decision-making process. As you learn to listen to those deeper longings and hone your intuition, you gain insight and make choices from a place of unadulterated honesty. Living a life in harmony with your truth is wisdom in its purest form.

6. Your heart opens.

Becoming vulnerable isn’t always easy, and opening your heart to another can feel scary when you have not cultivated a relationship with yourself. Yoga serves as a reminder to nourish and care for your own needs first and foremost. You must give to another from a place of excess or else you become depleted, forcing your body (and heart) to shut down for protection. Yoga gives us tools to cultivate self-love so we can give freely from a place of abundance.


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