Five quick, easy health boosters to change your day!

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These five quick & easy health boosters will change your day!

Even though I did all the right things I often felt depleted halfway through the day. I was trying to be health-conscious during the day but often had little time in the morning to stick to a healthy morning routine (think: coffee, make up, ready, go!). I didn’t even give myself half a chance to appear bright and radiating during these dreaded 4pm meetings because I thought implementing a healthy morning routine would need to be time consuming, complicated and required preparation.Credit: Andrea wears the Wellicious Knit Sleeveless Top in Bright Orange and the Adore Leggings in black!

Turns out it’s not. All it takes is reversing the order of a few things we’re doing anyway and adding one or two quick – literally seconds-long – routines.

Try this to start with:

  • Conscious breathing. Even if it sounds strange, breathing consciously from the moment the alarm clock rings is one of the best ways to kick-start the day and keep energy levels high. Focus on how your breath flows. It should feel unrestricted and effortless, making space for the next fresh breath by exhaling fully. Try and direct (redirect, if necessary) your attention to your breath until you leave the house. If this works, make it a habit throughout the day. Why it’s important: A compressed breath lets you run out of steam by midday.
  • Leave your eyes closed after waking up. Even if it’s just ten seconds, it’s time spent in order to be more efficient later. Let yourself slide into a positive frame of mind, visualise something positive that you want to achieve today, even if it’s just making time for a healthy lunch. Remind yourself that today is the only day that really counts. Why it’s important: The days are long, but the years are short – aiming at really making today count, approaching today with a positive attitude is such a wonderful habit. 
  • First the toothbrush, then the food. Contrary to what we’ve been told when we were little, Ayurveda stresses the importance of brushing your teeth first. Not just before breakfast but in fact also before you drink anything. This habit won’t take any time; it’s just about shaking up the order of things. Why it’s important: During the night debris accumulates in our mouth because we don’t swallow while sleeping. If you have your coffee before brushing your teeth you’re also drinking everything that’s been lingering on your tongue for the past eight hours.
  • Scrape your tongue. When your teeth are sparkling and fresh, it literally takes two more seconds to take care of your tongue (where most bacteria reside!). Tongue scrapers are really cheap, starting at a couple of pounds. Why it’s important: You’ll be amazed by what comes off your tongue!
  • Sip a warm drink that’s not coffee. While the coffee water is running through the filter and your digestive system is waking up, sip some warm water with a dash of lemon. The warm liquid will prepare your body for food and drink and you won’t feel sluggish when arriving at work because your digestive system is perfectly capable of handling your breakfast – while you can focus on your email inbox!
Credit: Andrea wears the Wellicious Knit Sleeveless Top in Bright Orange and the Adore Leggings in black!

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