'Yoga Any Time' with Movement for Modern Life: Part 2

Throughout the month of June, we are collaborating with Movement for Modern Life, the online destination for yoga classes. Offering unlimited videos & classes by top instructors, this website gives you the opportunity to practice "Any Time, Any Place, Any Wear" with you favourite teachers. (Note their playful sense of humour with the spelling of "where", demonstrating that when you're not looking stylish in your Wellicious pieces, you can even practice in your pyjamas from the comfort of your own home!) Scroll down to see their great offer exclusive for Wellicious customers!

Our Wellicious Ambassadors Kirsty Norton & Lizzie Reumont have been demonstrating useful tips this week, whilst wearing Wellicious!

First up is a short tutorial on how to help you get into that, sometimes elusive, Bakasana, or Crow Pose. You will need 2 blocks. Featuring our Wellicious Ambassador Kirsty Norton wearing our Radiance Top and Easy Leggings in Landscape Print Orange.

Whilst our Ambassador Elizabeth Reumont shows us some short exercises to help protect and release your wrist joints. This class is ideal for those who use computers, smart phones or laptops a lot, as the wrist joints really do suffer through modern life. One exercise which can be performed at the desk and the other exercises are for the end of the day on the mat.

She is wearing our Beam Top which has our Wellicious logo integrated in the back design, whilst Esther wears our organic seamless Adore Top in Bright Orange.

OFFER: Use code WELL20 to get 20% off your annual subscription with Movement for Modern Life until the end of June! 

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