My Not So Sweet Valentine…

Good Sugar, Bad Sugar?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing good about refined sugar and everything good about eliminating it from your diet, be it slowly making small changes each day, or either as part of a controlled cleanse, healthy holiday or detox retreat. This is one of the key concepts of the core of our award-winning programme and so we get to see, each and every week, how cutting out sugar really does help bolster energy levels and how your body really will thank you for it. Different to fat farms or weight loss retreats, we don’t focus on just losing pounds but rather the effectiveness of eliminating health harming habits. But don’t take our word for it… because science is now saying the same thing.

In fact, science has gone even further and now suggests that most people eating a typical 21st Century and sugar-rich diet are actually (and often without realising it) sugar addicts. We know this is not an easy addiction to kick and the scientists are now backing up what we’ve seen in practice. In fact French scientists in Bordeaux report that in animal trials, rats will choose sugar over cocaine – even when they are addicted to cocaine.

The trouble with giving in to that sugar craving is that whilst it will give you an instant high and a sudden energy boost, this is followed by an equally dramatic crash which sets up the cycle of craving sugar to remedy the crash, leaving you consuming more and more. Sugar is a mood-altering substance so as well as insidiously draining you of energy and leaving you feeling exhausted, it can also make you feel anxious and ill-tempered.

Places Where They Hide The Sugar

You may find it hard to believe you are one of those average people consuming more than 200 teaspoons of refined sugar each and every week but that’s only because the bulk of this weekly intake is HIDDEN in foods. Here are just some foods you might be surprised to learn are loaded with sugar:




Almost all ‘low fat’ foodstuffs, including low fat yoghurts (these would taste like cardboard without the high sugar content)

Breakfast cereals

Ready meals

Fizzy drinks

To be honest, refine sugar is now so deeply embedded in our food chain, this list really could (alarmingly) go on and on and on ….

How About Sweeteners?

Saccharin, acesulfame, aspartame, neotame, sucralose…these may seem like the healthy alternative to refined white sugar but don’t be fooled because they come with their own health risks including an overall risk they can ‘desensitise’ you to sweetness meaning healthier sweet food options don’t taste as sweet as they would have if you were not using sweeteners. Plus, the only natural low calorie sweetener that has been approved by the FDA is stevia… so that’s none of those at the start of this list.

The Good News

Our guests tell us again and again how much better they feel and how much more energy they have once they cut refined sugar from their diets. We know it sounds like a daunting task so we ask people who are coming on one of our health retreats to eliminate sugar before they arrive and we tell them exactly how to do that so that it becomes a more manageable commitment. Once our clients join us our healthy version of a detox retreat, we then teach them how to make delicious refined sugar-free meals, snacks and puddings and judging from the number who come back to us asking for the recipe, we know this is one of those not so healthy habits you can definitely kick.

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