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Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • Wellicious Wellbeing Weekend at Anthropologie

    Wellicious had the chance to host a Wellbeing Weekend at the beautiful Anthropologie store on the King's Road in London. We ran three classes from morning yoga-melts to power pumping active classes, all taught by our Wellicious Ambassadors; Ami Dunne, Nicole Heller and Sonia Doubell. We had a great time and hope you all get to Anthropologie soo ...

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  • Rise and Shine with our Ambassador Anja

    Even if the days are growing longer and the sun rises earlier and earlier we may still need a little inspiration to get out of bed. Here are some of my favourite yoga poses to help me wake up. These asanas help to stretch out our side waist and intercostal muscles giving the sensation of breathing deeper. Helping the exchange of energising oxyg ...

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  • Heading: The power of the easy pose

    Sukhasana (sukha = easy, asana = pose) is a highly beneficial exercise on both a mental and physical level. Wellicious Ambassador and Jivamukti teacher at The Life Centre in London, Nicole Heller is on hand to explain how you can achieve this pose and the benefits you’ll gain from it. ‘With your knees bent, flop your legs out to the side, comin ...

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