Introducing our Prints of this Season!

Prints and printed tops have been part of the Wellicious style for a long time and have become a somewhat tradition. With AW14, we saw our first allover print. The success was undeniable. Your feedback was overwhelming and Yoga teachers around the world showed them off in their classes. And since we enjoyed the process of researching and developing new prints so much, we simply decided to do it again!

The inspiration behind our SS15 prints

We at Wellicious see ourselves as only a small part of something bigger, a bigger system that only runs if everyone and everything contributes its part. Modern life with the speed of modern technology and a world that seemingly becomes smaller requires a mindfulness that connects us to our inner selves and the universe – micro and macro. Yoga teaches us how to withstand, how to connect and how to open up to the essence of life. With this in mind, we approach SS15 and looked at a change of our perspective. Observing things from different angles leads to a creative play of scale and proportion.

Macro Print

Micro Print

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