Welcoming Pregnant Yoginis Into Your Yoga Class...

Yoga teachers, how do you feel when your long term student tells you she is pregnant Or when a pregnant yogini informs you of her PGP, an incompetent cervix, that her relaxin levels have created SI pain, sciatica and she feels nauseous and has heart burn in certain poses? Not to mention what do we do with her growing bump?

When I started teaching yoga in 2005 I had no idea what to do when my students informed me of their pregnancies. And since most yoga students were women in their “child bearing” age this happened a lot. I wasn’t sure about contraindications, how to adjust and if it was even safe to practise regular yoga. This was a subject that needed investigation. I trained in Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, in Perinatal Yoga and Shakti Sadhana. I read the books, spoke to midwives and doulas. And had discussions with pregnant women and mothers. It’s an ongoing study.

I was super excited when I taught my first specialised Pregnancy Yoga Class back in 2008. It was busy with bumps of all sizes. The bumps and classes grew quickly. I am now teaching my own prenatal classes in Streatham, at the prestigious KX members club in South Kensington and at the gorgeous Light centre in the City.

Teaching pregnant yoginis is one of the most beautiful and inspiring experiences as a yoga teacher. You follow your students through their pregnancies, share their excitement, anxieties and how they grow into motherhood. You might even have the pleasure of teaching them postnatal yoga with their new babies and then see them back again in regular yoga classes.

I have been co-creating several training programmes for yoga teachers who wants to know more about pregnant students and new mothers. I am honoured to see fellow yoga teachers grow into their role as empowered instructors who can welcome pregnant and breastfeeding women into their yoga classes with confidence.

You can join me on a two day CPD course on how to “Integrate Pregnant and Postnatal Students into your yoga class” with Trinity Yoga or a full certification to become a Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Teacher with YogaLondon. Learn the anatomy, the adjustments, the “red flags”, what is safe, nurturing and empowering and what do you need to be aware of. The information and training you get from these courses will benefit your pregnant as well as regular students!

- Anja Brierley Lange, Wellicious Ambassador



2015 dates for CPD course

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of June – Tutor Anja Brierley Lange (this course counts as 14 cpd hours for both YA US and YA UK)

Saturday 11th and 12th of July in Chippenham – Tutor Claire Saunders (14 cpd hours for YA US)

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of October in North London – Tutor Lisa Toth (14 cpd hours for YA US)


Certified Pregnancy Yoga course with YogaLondon. Next course commence in April.

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