Raw Sweet Potato Noodles!

If you’ve only ever tried sweet potato in their steamed or baked form, it’s time to experience them in the raw. They make an absolutely delicious raw pasta noodle, tender and crunchy with just the perfect touch of sweet. You will need a spirooli slicer in order to make your noodles; definitely a worthy investment if you’re on a raw food, paleo, or even gluten-free path. In this recipe by Emily Von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life raw yam noodles are accompanied by marinated mushrooms and a hearty sweet miso sauce. Deliciousness abounds!

Thank you Raw Food Recipes for sharing!

Recipe here - http://rawfoodrecipes.com/recipes/yam-noodles-with-sweet-sauce-marinated-mushrooms-and-sesame-seeds/

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