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Indian Raita with Herbs

A raita is an Indian side dish of yogurt to be eaten with different main course dishes.

It is used as a sauce or dip or even a drink.

There are different types of raitas and they are prepared with mainly three base ingredients: vegetables, pulses and fruits. These are mixed with yogurt and flavoured with a variety of seasonings to make different types of raita.

Try this light, refreshing and delicious raita with your next Indian rice dish.

- 1 liter fresh yogurt
- 100g coriander
- 50g fresh mint
- half green chili or more if you like it spicy
- dried coriander seeds
- juice of half a yellow lemon
- salt and pepper

Grind the fresh coriander, fresh mint and chili while adding the lemon juice and some water.

Then mix with yogurt, add salt and pepper. Roast the dried coriander seeds, grind and also add to finish.

Now enjoy this tasty raita either as a lovely digestive drink or mix together with rice and vegetables.

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