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Arriving home

Who doesn't know that special feeling of getting home. It's deep, warm and just giving you comfort and security, isn't it? Even when you are far away from what is “home” for you, you can always trust your intuition when it comes to the question “Do I feel at home here?”.

Within the last few weeks I was lucky to experience this feeling twice.

First when I flew from Zurich – my home by birth right – back to London which now I for sure know is my home by choice. We landed and as soon as I got my foot on the ground I felt a connection and a deep grounding. There is something about London I cannot explain but it feels like an anchor in my heart and will always bring me back. I went to Zurich to find out if there is something that I should be doing in Zurich and the longer I stayed, and the more I knew that my dharma lies in helping others, serving the divine mother, sharing my love and passion with others, I realised that Zurich is just not that place. London on the other side opened its doors to me widely and gives me so many options that at times I find myself overwhelmed, still not feeling that this is the place I meant to be right now to fulfil my dharma.

It happened in January this year, while on a yoga retreat of my teacher, I finally found the place my heart was looking for over so many years. It's a small village, 20 kilometers out of Tiruvannamalai, the home of Sri Ramana Maharshi, the sacred mountain Arunachala and the most important Shiva temple in South India. When my teacher shared the information with us that he will open a charity nursery and primary school for the children of that community, my heart did jump for joy as my soul instantly knew that this was the end of my long search.

And so, here I am, surrounded by lush vegetation, coconut palmtrees, rice paddies, farmland and incredible people. Pure energy is all around: the smiles and happy faces of the children, the different noises especially at night when the frogs and insects are competing in a huge concert, then there are all these unknown smells as well as tastes of food that only you can find here in India and will not be the same anywhere else. Simply put: the air is filled with unlimited beautiful energy which one can explore step by step. And this is exactly what I am doing. Step by step I am getting into community live, observing their habits and try to help with new ideas and get a structure for the school as well as growing on my own personal spiritual journey. It's beautiful work and everybody is so helpful that very fast and easily I feel at home here.

The first time I came to India, it was three years ago in October 2010, I had a similar strong feeling when I was waiting at the immigration counter at Delhi airport. Above the counters were huge hand mudras displayed which immediately gave me the impression of being welcomed. Although I had never been to India before – at least not in this life – it all felt so familiar and comfortable. I knew back then, that this would not be my last time in India but that a special journey had started.

Arriving at home, this at least is how I felt, when I got to Tiruvannamalai and then to the ashram in South India, Tamil Nadu. This place is home for a few hundred Indians too, not even counted all the animals and all the many acres of land. Its main business is agriculture and so we too have many fields to look after. It's a different kind of home I am used to back in Europe but I know that for the time being this is exactly where I have and where I want to be. A place to be happy, a place to retreat and be in peace with yourself, a place to offer my services and my skills.

I am sending my love and gratitude out to this beautiful community and hope that I can bring as much joy to them as they do to me.


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