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Q&A with Stella Photi for Wellicious

Stella Photi is the founder of Wellbeing Escapes, a company that specialises in healthy holidays and experiences. She lives in north London with her husband, son, and lovely Springer Spaniel Louis!

1) What inspired you to start your own business?

Like so many things, the idea for Wellbeing Escapes came because I couldn’t find a service like it when I needed it. Working as a business woman in the city, life was simultaneously fun, vibrant and busy, but also stressful, hectic and draining.
I didn’t know where to turn to get my much needed TLC in my precious downtime. Scouring the web just threw-up more confusion, questions and airy adjectives. I mean, who really knows what a ‘soul-detoxing journey of self-awareness in a holistic ambience’ really means? I wanted someone who knew what they were talking about to tell me this therapist was good, this spa would deliver, this holiday wouldn’t waste my hard earned time or money.

And that’s where Wellbeing Escapes came in! I wanted to give people a stress-free service with the very best health, fitness and relaxation holidays, so they’d know right from the start they are in good hands.

2) What separates you from other travel companies?

Firstly – we’re passionate about all things Wellbeing! We understand the difference between a wellness holiday that seriously addresses health issues, and a wellbeing break that simply lifts your mood through some relaxing treatments, fitness or sightseeing. We offer both. It’s important to us that the resorts we endorse are all carefully researched and vetted so that the experience lives up to our guests’ expectations. We believe Wellbeing holidays should be a positive and life-enhancing experience - the kind of holiday that’s so rejuvenating you don’t come back needing another holiday to recover!

3) Isn’t it more expensive to book through you?

Actually no! Although a lot of people think that. We have over 250 bespoke packages on our website and when we design our packages we make sure that you get VALUE on your treatment package. The savings on the treatments are significant and most of the time in the region of 30%. We also forge great relationships with the properties we work with to secure really good added value and rates. You can expect special prices for single travellers, room upgrades, and free transfers just to name a few.

4) What’s your perfect recipe for a healthy break?

In my world a perfect healthy holiday is one that helps and inspires the guest to lead a happier, healthier life whilst enjoying some well-earned relaxation. The food would be healthful and delicious, the staff attentive and caring, the trainers and therapists all top notch. Add pleasure to leisure, plus a dollop of health and happiness, and you will begin to understand what Wellbeing Escapes is all about!

5) What’s the hottest wellbeing trend right now?

Mindfulness and Meditation is (excuse the pun) on everyone’s mind at the moment. A few years ago people would have looked at you weirdly if you said you meditated; now it’s a top tool being harnessed by high-powered execs looking for an edge over the competition. Meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology, these are just some of the tools that are being used to improve people’s brain power. The benefits range from greater clarity and focus and a more positive outlook to even weight reduction and healthy ageing in the body, this is more than just a mental workout, your whole body benefits. As more people cotton on to meditation it’s clear that with such a great range of benefits, why wouldn’t you do it?

6) How do you bring a little wellbeing to your life?

I am a great believer in the power of a good belly laugh! I’m always trying to make my team laugh with anecdotes about my funny dog Louis, who is a regular round the Wellbeing office. He brings a lot of Wellbeing into my life – through the walks we take, and the way he defuses my stress just by looking at him! That is unless he goes after my favourite shoes... Otherwise I eat healthily and live by the good old fashioned everything in moderation, including moderation ;-)

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