Detox your body and mind

Detox means to eliminate toxins which nestle down in our bodies. These days there is nothing we can do to stay completely clean from toxins. The reason I am saying this is that we not only consume toxins from the food we eat, like pesticides in vegetables but also through other influences. The environment for example is another source or in our society where stress and emotional instability is present, we cannot deny that this actually is the highest source of toxins. During a detox we try to eliminate all of those toxins, we want to free our body and mind from most of it.

Having said that, a detox is not only for those who are ill, but more so for everybody who wants to feel good every now and then. Who is really ill should rather follow a guided and individually tailored detox together with a nutritionist or a doctor. Today's very fashionable detox retreats are for those who don't feel well anymore in their own skin, those who feel signs of tiredness and stress, people who like to focus on their body and mind and lead a healthy life.

There are many signs that you are ready for a detox:

* Any kind of stress as well as mood swings; they are aggravating our mind too much.
* Digestive problems which are affecting stomach and colon
* Unbalanced diet, such as fast food, too much sugar, convenience products; they influence our stomach, the kidneys and the liver
* Tiredness, lack of motivation and concentration are also toxic for our mind
* Swollen eyes can trace back to liver issues and should be taken serious
* Dull and acne prone skin is not always a sign of unbalanced hormones but can appear if the circulatory and/or lymphatic system are not active enough

In general you should avoid the following products during a detox: alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, processed sugar, meat, fish as well as dairy products. Furthermore a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle is recommenced. Yoga and meditation can help enormously through a detox. It also is essential that you drink enough water, preferably tepid water. Also un-sweetened herbal teas help the elimination process of toxins.

There are many different ways of detoxing. A lovely and delicious way is the juicing detox. During 3 to 5 days you consume only freshly prepared juices which can easily be prepared at home, day by day. Please be aware that the vegetables are as fresh and as organic as possible as the conventional products contain pesticides which are working against the detox. You find lists with the “Dozen Dirty” and “Dozen Clean” vegetables to download in the internet. This is a great overview and extremely helpful when it comes to shopping.

Organs which play an important role in your body and therefore in a detox too:

1) Kidneys
The kidneys fulfil a very important role: they filter our blood and eliminate toxins. They also produce hormones, regulate the blood pressure, produce red blood cells and regulate the hydration of the body. Therefore it is important to drink loads of liquids, water or also nettle or dandelion tea.

Most fruit contain antioxidants; most are found in grapes and berries though. Grapes are also great for the high potassium level which is supporting the function of the kidneys. The acid of the antioxidants of Cranberries help in eliminating all bad bacteria from the kidneys and bladder. Besides that all green vegetables are a great source of antioxidants. Especially recommendable for the kidneys are spinach, broccoli and asparagus as they contain chlorophyll, which provides the kidneys with very important vitamins and minerals and also encourages the production of red blood cells.

2) Liver
After the skin, the liver is the second biggest organ in our body. Three of its main functions is connected with the digestive system. One function is to produce acid to digest fat. The liver also eliminates toxins. Everything coming from the stomach will be cleansed in the liver.

Sour apple juice is very good for the liver and so is beetroot juice. For the gallbladder, consume green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, turmeric, seaweed, camomile tea and flaxseed oil.

3) Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system is the most important in our body. It is the only system that works without a pump and only through movement and gravity. Not like the blood which is pumped by the heart through our veins.

It is part of our immune and circulatory systems. The clear lymphatic fluid flows through our body and the white blood cells register bacteria, virus and parasites and destroy them. Afterwards, the filtered and cleaned fluid flows back into the circulatory system.

Once the lymphatic system is full of toxins it can threaten the immune system. To prevent such a threat there are a few activities to recommend:

* Deep breathing (pranayama, to sing, to laugh)
* Enough water and un-sweetened herbal tea
* Sauna, steam bath and sports
* Lymphatic massages
* Dry brushing or wet brushing under the shower

4) Immune System
The main function of the immune system is to defend the body from infections. A strong immune system is the criteria for a healthy body and enhances our life quality. Be aware that stress is attacking the immune system!

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and supports the immune system. Blueberries strengthen it but also other berries, citrus fruits and any green vegetable as well as bee pollens are also very good for the immune system.

5) Lungs
The lung's primary function is to breath. But they also play an important role in the elimination process. The lungs are responsible to free the body from damaging chemicals and pollution. The main organs of the elimination system are the kidneys, the skin and the lungs. CO2 that is built through breathing and stored in the blood, is finally eliminated by the lungs.

Broccoli not only looks like the small alveoli of the lungs they actually also help to remove toxins from them. Even better are broccoli sprouts. Any vegetable containing beta carotene such as sweet potatoes and carrots also support the function of the lungs. Almonds, berries, garlic and grapes are full of antioxidants and improve the function of the lungs too.

6) Circulatory System
Without blood there is no life – and that's why the circulatory system is the key to life. The complex network of blood vessels, which is many kilometres long, carries approximately 5 litres of blood. It transports nutrients as well as oxygen which is the main element to improve the blood circulation and health in general.

Beetroot is a fantastic blood cleanser, spinach contains iron and fibres.

7) Nervous System / Mental Health / Mind
The nervous system is the communication centre of the body. It consists of the brain and the neurons which pass electric impulses on. Additionally it is responsible to receive information from the senses which help our body to experience pain. It also regulates the heart rhythm and the breathing.

As mentioned, stress and mood swings bring the body out of balance, therefore it is essential to keep inner peace, stability and mental balance. A regular practice of meditation as well as pranayama can help. Yoga or any other relaxing activity is also recommended to connect your body and mind and to live a healthy life.

Has this article awaken your interest in doing a detox?

Why not giving it a try? It can be done easily and there might even be offers for a detox in your location. And as a little remark: it is always more fun to do a detox in a group or with a friend or partner.

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