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The Sacral Chakra; emotional well-being & a calm state of mind.

Pictured: The Daisy London Sacral Chakra bracelet.

The Sacral Chakra, based upon an orange colouring, focuses on how we react to new people and new experiences, and whether or not we find it easy to connect and accept them. It is also focused upon our emotional being & state of mind, emotions such as love, hate & jealously. The Sacral Chakra is important to our everyday life as it enables us to have happy, independent relationships with others, without feeling rejected, addicted or dependent on another.

However, as with all Chakras, the Sacral Chakra can become unbalanced. If the Sacral Chakra doesn’t function properly it can leave you feeling unloved, unemotional and unsatisfied. This is dangerous as it can lead to an addictive and obsessive personality, joined by the need or dependency for something such as alcohol, drugs or food. It is therefore important to re-balance this Chakra in order to maintain better relationships with the people in your life and for you to feel happier within yourself.

5 Simple ways how to improve your Sacral Chakra;

  1. ­Practice the Cobra yoga pose as this can help re-balance your Sacral Chakra by allowing good energy to flow through your body.
  2. As the Sacral Chakra is orange, it is good to immerse your senses with orange fruits, such as; mangos, peaches, oranges & other sweet fruit.
  3. Adding a little variation in your life can bring excitement, try and make simple changes to your daily routine so that you do something different every day.
  4. As we mentioned before, orange is extremely important to rebalance this Chakra and therefore even just wearing orange or visualising the colour can be a great help.
  5. Finally, the element of this Chakra is based upon water and therefore being in or around water is important, if you don’t like to swim, try going for a walk alongside a beach or around a lake.


Stay tuned for next week's blog post on the Solar Plexus Chakra, demonstrating how to be in control and confident with your life…

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