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How your mind can heal your body

Through yoga and meditation I experienced a big change in my own body and mind and got more and more interested in deeper spiritual and healing connections. No wonder that after one of my yoga classes I picked up David Hamilton's book “How your mind can heal your body”. I was fascinated by the way David Hamilton aproached this topic and how he with a PHD in the pharma industry decided to invest more time to find out about the placebo effect. There are scientific studies mentioned about how placebo pills with no chemical substance actually would heal people. But it was the true life stories of people appearing in this book that touched me so deeply.

In one experiment he was talking about how purely by thoughts you can exercise your body. Two groups of 10 volunteers came together, one group had the task to do some physical exercises every morning for a defined time. The other group was asked to just imagine doing exercises every day for the same length of time by guiding their thoughts to that particular body part. After a few weeks both groups met again – none of them knew what the other group was asked to do. The result was astonishing: both groups developed muscles! The group that actually did physical exercises developed more of course but still the group that just imagined doing exercises did also develop muscles.

After the first few pages and examples I got totally hooked up with this topic and could not put the book down until I was half-way through and needed a break to reflect. A few weeks later I did also attend one of his workshops and learnt more about the placebo effect and the whole power of healing your body through positive thoughts, affirmations and through visualisation techniques.

A truly wonderful and inspiring book for everybody who wants to go deeper in understanding their mind/body connection and how your thoughts can have a big impact not only on your happiness but also on your health.



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