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Holistic therapies – an oasis for mind, body and soul

As a yoga teacher and massage therapist, yoga and massages and any kind of holistic treatments are part of my life. But this has not always been so natural to me. As many, I believed in the healing powers of painkillers and in a young age, I even became addicted to painkillers to treat my permanent headache. The headache was weaker but of course I didn't catch the cause by its root and so there was no improvement just slight relief.

At one point though, I realised that my body would get used to the drugs and after I had to change to the third brand and got a stronger prescription I put an end to it.
I told myself, there must be something else that can cure my headaches and migraines.

That's when my journey into the holistic and alternative medical world started.
I tried many things and as a first step I had to change my whole lifestyle. Once that was done and I lived in a different environment, had a new job and changed my diet – my headache lessened.

When I then immersed myself into yoga and meditation my life changed completely.
Through the deep connection of mind, body and soul I found liberation from all my pain. My headache was gone, my joint problems improved and my so busy mind finally found peace.

Holistic therapies became very important to me and in the last few years I tried many different treatments from gong sound bath to Shiatsu, Ayurvedic massages, tapping into your emotions, metratronic healing to Reiki and other energy healing therapies and last but not least the most amazing chavutti thirummal massage done by feet according to an old indian tradition.

Last year I broke my finger and through my knowledge I was able to purely heal it by applying Arnika cream to keep the swelling back and by having daily Reiki sessions to heal my finger with my own prana (life energy) through channelling.

The power of healing lies in all of us, in our thoughts through the mind and in our life energy which enters our body at the moment of conception. Once we learn to use this beautiful and powerful tool there are no limits for a pain and care free life.

Should you be interested to find out more about holistic treatments, a few great massage techniques, then please read the following article posted on the telegraph:

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