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The power of the Chakra Centres.

Keeping your body, mind and soul healthy are essential to leading a happy lifestyle and, ensuring your Chakras are balanced is key to maintaining this. With seven main Chakras to choose from, there are a variety of pathways to follow depending which part of your life you wish to balance. Each chakra focuses on a different part of the body in its physical, spiritual, emotional and mental form.
Daisy London has created beautiful bracelets (from £58, available at - featuring the different Chakra icons and colours, allowing you to remember your daily focus and aspirations, whilst still wearing a contemporary fashion piece. This week we will talk about the first Chakra called the “Root” (base of the spine), starting with the lower half of the body working our way up each week.

Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra, based upon a red colouring, focuses upon providing you with a confident, secure grounding  and stable environment; all vital in allowing you to take good care of yourself and others. There is also a real exploration of human’s primal instincts within this Chakra and the physical connection is based upon the body’s natural reproduction system.
However, there are two ends of the scale which can determine if your Root Chakra is unbalanced. On one end you may often feel very unwelcome in situations you enter and also feel nervous and anxious about what is going on around you. On the other hand you may find your Root Chakra is uncontrollable, which leads you to a life based upon materialism and avarice. Neither of these pathways are constructive for a healthy lifestyle and therefore you may want to begin re-balancing your Root Chakra to improve your personal development.

5 Simple ways how to improve your Root Chakra;
- Visualise the colour red; really let the colour enter your mind and fill your body.
- Do something active; go on a run or a gentle walk and relax.
- Practice Yoga; a great pose is the Tree pose to help re-balance your Root Chakra.
- Spend time in the outdoors; get out of the house and enjoy quality time in natural habitat.
- Look after your feet; have a massage or pedicure to help re-ground your root Chakra.

Stay tuned for next week's blog post on our next Chakra...

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