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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • How your mind can heal your body

    Through yoga and meditation I experienced a big change in my own body and mind and got more and more interested in deeper spiritual and healing connections. No wonder that after one of my yoga classes I picked up David Hamilton's book “How your mind can heal your body”. I was fascinated by the way David Hamilton aproached this topic and how he ...

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  • Holistic therapies – an oasis for mind, body and soul

    As a yoga teacher and massage therapist, yoga and massages and any kind of holistic treatments are part of my life. But this has not always been so natural to me. As many, I believed in the healing powers of painkillers and in a young age, I even became addicted to painkillers to treat my permanent headache. The headache was weaker but of cours ...

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  • How do you see the world?

    Our Wellicious Fan Clemens Frede from Germany was so kind to provide us with this interesting blog topic. The other day I found myself in a situation, where a teacher was reviewing students. It was one of those situations where you know you're being tested and already tense up because of all the eyes fixed on you and you know what's coming. And ...

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  • RAW Sushi for hot summer days

    1) Marinate curly kale in himalayan salt, lemon and soy sauce, then once it's soft cut it small – that's your base. 2) Slice avocado, pepper, cucumber, cooked beetroot, carrots in pieces as thick as you like them. 3) Place a nori leave on a bamboo sushi-roll mat and add the curly kale onto it, quiet a lot. 4) Now add avocado, pepper, cucumber, ...

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  • The power of the Chakra Centres.

    Keeping your body, mind and soul healthy are essential to leading a happy lifestyle and, ensuring your Chakras are balanced is key to maintaining this. With seven main Chakras to choose from, there are a variety of pathways to follow depending which part of your life you wish to balance. Each chakra focuses on a different part of the body in it ...

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    Wellicious Fan Maren Brand travelled to Asia with her heart’s desire to learn more about Yoga, meditation and physical work and she deeply delved into the fascinating world of Yoga. She got this tattoo with the Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum 10 years ago and today she is sharing her personal relationship with this mantra with us. Maren teaches in her ...

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  • When summer is getting too hot – fast cooling tipps

    Summer can become very hot from time to time and sometimes our body needs a cool down. If you are searching for a refreshment, you will find a good alternative with Sitali Pranayama. Calm your body and mind from the inside and find a balance. Ideally Sitali is practised in calm and comfortable surroundings, but it can also be practised during o ...

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  • What is Mindfulness Meditation?

    Mindfulness is one of those expressions that’s bandied around quite a lot, but perhaps a little hard to know exactly what it means. Essentially, it is about aiming to achieve a state of mind that is calm and stable. In fact, such calmness can come naturally to the mind, and with mindfulness all we are really doing is strengthening this innate g ...

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