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Wellicious yoga wear

Wellicious is proud to share with you a blog of Irina van der Sluijs, a human rights consultant and political scientist in the Netherlands. One of her latest Articles was published in the Dutch Financial Times. She is also one of our loyal customers. Thank you, Irina!

...I got my arms, I got my hands-I got my fingers, got my legs-I got my feet, I got my toes..
I've got life - Nina Simone

Tactility – that is why I love Wellicious yoga and loungewear. The ability to feel, to sense with the largest organ of my body, my skin, is what I believe to be one of life’s wonders. The skin is a veil of sensitivity, a sensitivity that needs to be taken care of.
So before I go into the delicious Wellicious wear, I have to talk about the bare body that Nina Simone so heart fully sings about. The naked truth is that every day, before I put on any piece of clothing, I indulge in rubbing lotion on my skin and gently massaging essential oils on body parts that need it.

This is a luxury, to devote precious time to a sensing ritual like that. As is of course, the touch of a loved one – so soothing – or the gentle strokes by a massage therapist - so healing. I carry with me oils to massage my hands during the work day. It helps calm my nerves and the smell is divine.
I guess taking care of your skin also helps strengthening an inner shield of loveliness – which we all possess – protecting us from an often harsh and aesthetically horrendous outer world. The yoga studio is an extension of the inner shield, an area of loveliness, purity and comfort.

And here is where the proper wear fits in. The clothes in this unique place should fit the extension and Wellicious understands that perfectly. Their tops, pants, vests, shirts, everything (!) is designed to look attractive and, more importantly, feel feminine and at ease – the materials are so soft, it is like second skin.
But there is more.

As a human rights consultant working on responsible business practice, I always take notice of how and where clothes are made. As much as possible I will buy organic cotton and materials – as long as it is natural. On the social side, I will buy from brands that source ethically or manufacture in Europe.

Wellicious is such a company, it sources from Europe and uses organic materials – apart from their softness another reason why I love the clothes. They are high quality but not at the expense of the environment or other people, as is written on the Wellicious website.
Just recently I visited Bangladesh to conduct research and moderate a workshop on living wages in the ready-made garment sector. Although much effort is done by brands and local stakeholders to better the work conditions of unskilled labourers, I frankly was shocked to visit a supplier factory.

I am aware of the economic benefits of a growing textile sector in developing countries, however as a conscious consumer I rather be safe and buy made in Europe. Unless a company tells the whole story of its human rights due diligence integrated in a corporate foreign policy for sourcing countries.
If you like to know more about my consulting projects or read my blog that talks about freeing experiences in yoga, nature and art, have a look at:

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