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Try something new with paddle board yoga

When you picture a yoga class, you might imagine a room in a gym with yoga mats laid out and an instructor at the front guiding the group through the exercises. However, this isn’t the only kind of class available for you to investigate. There are lots of different yoga trends to explore and whether you’re after something traditional or you fancy classes that take you right out of your comfort zone, you won’t be stuck for choice.

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Fancy a dip?

One of the most unusual yoga styles currently being enjoyed around the world is paddle board yoga. This is a growing trend in warmer countries and, according to TravelMole, actress Jennifer Aniston is a fan. If you attend these sessions, you’ll find yourself waterborne while going through your exercise routine. The technique involves standing, sitting or lying on big floating paddles.

TravelMole noted that the Jebel Ali Golf Resort in Dubai is among the places offering paddle board yoga. Its reporter, who experienced the sessions for herself, remarked: “Even though none of us had been on a paddle board before - and a couple were new to yoga - four out of six of us quickly found our balance and were able to manage all of the postures. Only one toppled into the (slightly chilly) water.”

What to expect

Before you sign up to any kind of yoga class, it’s really important to find out what’s involved so you know exactly what to expect. That way you won’t have to endure any unwelcome surprises.

Writing on POPSUGAR, Jenny Sugar noted that she tested out a three-class yoga series. The first session took place solely on the beach, which left her feeling a “little disappointed”. The second class involved around 20 minutes of practice on dry land before the group paddled out to around 40 feet from the shore. While out on the water, the group did a series of poses, including the Downward Facing Dog, Upward Facing Dog and Pigeon.

Describing her experiences, she stated: “I’m not going to lie to you. This new type of yoga was really challenging for me (even though I’ve been doing yoga over ten years), but that’s what made it fun. I definitely ended up plummeting into the water more than a few times, but I wasn’t too upset because it helped me stay cool. As soon as I’d fall, I’d climb right back up on the board and try it again. The whole class was doing lots of giggling in that second class, but in the final class, we had become more confident on the board and were able to do a short session without getting wet.”

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