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Yoga & Activity Breaks – take a big deep breath of fresh air and dive on in!

In this article, Wellicious Fan Charlotte Saint Jean tells us more about Yoga and Activity Breaks.
Charlotte Saint Jean has been teaching yoga since 2002 in France. She is now the founder & director of an online yoga and wellbeing site for the French-speaking market.

Yoga is in itself an amazing activity, a personal journey through the body and the mind. As you learn how to use the breath, open the body, control the mind you develop on so many levels. Combining that experience with another physical activity or sport is an incredible way to develop your capacity to be strong, dynamic and forceful whilst appreciating and learning how to remain calm, flexible and able to let go when required.
Many retreats are proposed now where you can combine Surf & Yoga, Ski & Yoga, Walking, Cycling, Climbing, Golf or multiple activities and Yoga. You can explore the harmony of you daily practise and the chosen activity, observe how your body changes or finds certain things easier to achieve thanks to the morning yoga practise, release tension and tightness due to the evening session you have. The physical benefits are often easy to observe.

The mental advantages of breathing, meditating and practising also translate into the ability to control the mind. Fear can be an incredible break, stopping you from enjoying or being able to do a particular sport. Skiing, climbing, kayaking, horse riding could be some great examples. Fear of heights, of losing control, of water….. whatever the barrier with the right guidance yoga combined with an activity can be an amazing tool to release you from the constraints that your mind has ultimately placed on you.
Going away on a specific retreat can be the best way to achieve great results in a short space of time. Good guidance in a supported environment with like-minded people what better way to explore and enjoy the full potential of your being.

You have the choice to go with a particular sport you enjoy or would like to enjoy, the yoga teacher you are used to or would like to practise with or a combination of activities in a great location – huge possibilities are open to you. Charlotte Saint Jean is English of origin but has spent the last 14 years of her life in France creating her unique lifestyle of yoga and activity. She has been teaching yoga for over 11 years and lives part of the year in Val d’Isère and part of the year in the South of France, the Ardèche. She loves skiing, running, walking, yoga of course, horse riding but most of all living life to the full. Charlotte is organising two retreats herself this year – a Walking and Yoga Retreat in Ste Foy Tarentaise at the luxury Peak Chalet in an amazing mountain location and a Yoga & Activity Retreat at her home in the South of France.

On the menu for the Walking & Yoga Retreat, 1st – 4th July 2013, are great flowing daily yoga practises to help open and balance the body for the outdoor activities, walks and picnics in the wonderful outdoors, fabulous yummy food, a touch of luxury and a day out at an Italian Spa. A brilliant chance to unwind in style….
And in the Ardèche between 28th September & 4th October Charlotte is organising one of her favourite retreats, her Yoga & Activity holiday. Each day starts (and sometimes ends) with a flowing and harmonising yoga practise which with prepare the body and mind for the day’s activity. The activities will include horse riding, walking, kayaking, an outing to the local “Indian Forest” to fly and climb through the trees and climbing. Physically and sometimes mentally challenging you learn to face your fears and control the mind to enjoy the task at hand and the gift of the present moment.

Enjoy the harmony and energy your yoga practise gives you……

For more information visit Charlotte’s web sites
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