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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • Andy Murray is using Pilates to recover faster.

    Wimbledon is starting this week and we found out that Andy Murray is using Pilates to stay in shape after a gruelling season. The world No 3 pulled out of tournament in Basle because of a recurring back problem. But he revealed at the Paris Masters that he has been using Pilates, which he hopes will help him get through the final two tournament ...

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  • How can I keep my body and mind cool in the hot summer time?

    According to traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda), it is important to use cooling spices during the summer months to avoid excess internal heat in the body. Known as the “pitta,” or fire season, summer can lead to excess inflammation, acne, rash, sweating and even heat stroke. To keep the body cool during the summer months, Ayurveda recommend ...

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  • Yoga classes with Colette Kent.

    Colette Kent, one of our Wellicious Fan,  is offering us beach yoga classes in Nice! You will can practice yoga just steps from the the Mediterranean in the comfort of a private beach! Who: FitHub What: Form & Flow Yoga on Hi Beach When: Every Satruday 9am-10am Where: Hi Beach,  47 Promenade des Anglais, Nice Cost: 15 Euros drop in Further ...

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  • The power of the Chakra Centres

    Keeping your body, mind and soul healthy are essential to leading a happy lifestyle and, ensuring your Chakras are balanced is key to maintaining this. With seven main Chakras to choose from, there are a variety of pathways to follow depending which part of your life you wish to balance. Each chakra focuses on a different part of the body in it ...

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  • Wellicious yoga wear

    Wellicious is proud to share with you a blog of Irina van der Sluijs, a human rights consultant and political scientist in the Netherlands. One of her latest Articles was published in the Dutch Financial Times. She is also one of our loyal customers. Thank you, Irina! ...I got my arms, I got my hands-I got my fingers, got my legs-I got my feet, ...

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  • Win a Yoga and Pilates set!

    Wellicious draws lots for a beautiful yoga and for Pilates sets worth of 230 € on Facebook. In the yoga set, you will find : a yoga Pants in Caviar Black, a classic Nice tank top in slide moon White and the Divine yoga mat in Caviar Black. The participation is quite simple. Follow us on Facebook and you answer a question. Now participate: https ...

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  • Bring Yoga to Schools

    By Sarah Stevenson At school children have a lot of time to take care of their "yang" energy, but what about the structured aspect to physical fitness, the “yin” energy you get from an actual class? That's where yoga can pay off. Our children need space in their school day to stretch out, relax and to calm their mind and body. If you are a cert ...

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  • Win a Wellicious Divine Yoga Mat

    We are now giving away one Wellicious Divine Yoga Mat in Caviar Black on Twitter. Simply follow us on Twitter and copy or retweet this tweet for your chance to win: Would you like to win one Wellicious Divine Yoga Mat? Retweet & follow for your chance to win #win #competition #yoga The Wellicious Divine Yoga Mat featur ...

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  • Try something new with paddle board yoga

    When you picture a yoga class, you might imagine a room in a gym with yoga mats laid out and an instructor at the front guiding the group through the exercises. However, this isn’t the only kind of class available for you to investigate. There are lots of different yoga trends to explore and whether you’re after something traditional or you fan ...

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  • Yoga classes with Anja Yoga

    Anja Yoga, one of our Wellicious Fan,  is offering you on-going Yoga classes from this week : Vinyasa Flow Yoga open for all levels Mondays 6:30 - 8 pm L!FE, Shoreditch Tuesdays 8 - 9:20 pm Streatham Hill Thursdays 7:15 - 8:30 pm Streatham Hill Saturdays 10 - 11:15 am Streatham Hill Pregnancy Yoga 14 weeks until Birth Mondays 5:15 -6:15 pm L!FE ...

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