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Yoga clothing and Pilates clothing

Yoga and Pilates are different disciplines. Pilates was developed relatively recently, but it shares something of the philosophy of yoga and many of the poses. In general, classes are based more around strength and flexibility, while yoga sessions can also include breathing exercises and elements of meditation.

Yoga clothing and Pilates clothing are very similar. They both need to be stretchy and non-restrictive, and designed for maximum comfort in a range of different positions. In some cases Pilates classes involve more movement, with greater repetition rather than holding a single pose for a long time. This can mean that practitioners get a little warmer so cooler clothes can be helpful.

However, there is a great deal of variation from class to class and instructor to instructor, so the best clothes for you will depend on your special requirements. In almost all cases, yoga clothing is just fine for Pilates and vice-versa. Some of the accessories may be different- Pilates tends to call for more than just a mat, and the mats tend to be thicker than those found in yoga studios- but the clothing is more or less the same.

Wellicious stock a range of Pilates clothing and a collection for yoga, but there is no reason not to cross over. Choose the clothing you like best from either page of the boutique online store and you won't be disappointed. The products in both categories are stylish, comfortable, colourful, and soft on the skin. That's all you need for either yoga or Pilates.

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