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Monthly Archives: May 2013

  • How meditation can prevent heart attack and stroke?

    A recent study published in the Time Magazine tells us that meditation can  help to prevent a Heart Attack or a stroke. ‘Meditation can’t hurt you!’ This it is what most Doctors and people say, but now there is reassuring evidence that it may help you as well when it comes to warding off disease. The study was conducted  by the US National Hear ...

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  • Yoga clothing and Pilates clothing

    Yoga and Pilates are different disciplines. Pilates was developed relatively recently, but it shares something of the philosophy of yoga and many of the poses. In general, classes are based more around strength and flexibility, while yoga sessions can also include breathing exercises and elements of meditation. Yoga clothing and Pilates clothin ...

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  • The Similarities between Pilates and Yoga

    Yoga and Pilates are, on face value, very similar. They both work the body and focus on core strength, balance and flexibility. However, even though some of the movements may look the same, they are actually used in different ways and to attain different goals. So what is yoga? Yoga is a simple process uniting the individual consciousness to th ...

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  • New Workshop in London with the Life Center!

    This Sunday the  life center offer us  the opportunity to have a Happy and Healthy mind with with Lisa Kaley-Isley. Thanks to this workshop, you will feel better in your body and mind! An old dictum states that mental health is the ability to love and work.  Lisa Kaley-Isley likes the updated version that says mental health is the ability to lo ...

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