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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • Some simple breathing techniques

    There are lots of disciplines involved in yoga, including movement, balance and concentration. However, perhaps the most important thing is breathing. If you get this right, you can really start reaping the rewards. So, before you roll out your yoga mats and get stuck into your next routine, it might be worth taking some expert advice on board. ...

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  • The energy boosting effects of yoga

    If you’re feeling a bit lacklustre and in need of a boost, it might be time to slip into some yoga clothes, roll out your thick yoga mats and get stuck into some exercises. Going through these routines could do wonders for your sense of wellbeing and there are plenty of different styles of yoga to choose from. Putting a spring in your step The ...

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    We are happy to announce our first Wellicious Pop Up Sale & Yoga Workshop for Deeper Rest & Better Sleep with Wellicious Fan Lisa Sanfilippo in London @ Indaba Yoga. WIN ONE OF THREE SPACES AT THE WORKSHOP! To qualify, simply share the post on Facebook and send an email with the subject 'Lisa Workshop' to SUNDAY, 28T ...

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  • The First Step To Fitness

    In this article, Wellicious Fan Colette Kent tells us more about the first step to fitness and how to build a healthy workout routine.Colette is a native of Ireland and started her fitness career in the USA where she taught Yoga, various fitness classes and personal training. Very sporty, she also earned a black belt in Thai Kick Boxing. She is ...

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  • Watch the interview with Gabriela and Conny for our new Wellicious DVD

    In the popular German magazine Gala, you can find an interview about the new Yoga DVD that the well-known yoga teacher and Wellicious Fan Gabriela Bozic published together with Conny Lehmann and Wellicious founder Heike Schnell. Click here to check out the video interview:

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