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Different Yoga Clothing for Different Disciplines!

As well helping you achieve and retain core body strength, yoga can give you great balance and assist organ function.
You’ll also find it an incredibly calming activity which helps bring your body and mind together, allowing you to more easily listen to and understand your own body.
But if you thought all yoga disciplines were created equally, think again! In fact there are no fewer than seven different classifications, and that’s without taking into account the variations used for yoga for ballet or running.
Deciding what to wear for their sessions can be a headache for novice yogis. But, by suiting your yoga clothing to your particular style of the activity, you should find making your decisions much easier.

Here are some of the more common yoga disciplines you are likely to find yourself taking up:

•             Hatha Yoga: Great for newbies, this is a building block for all types of yoga, focusing on meditation and poses. Breathing practice and chanting are sometimes included. Clothing can be really relaxed – focus on staying warm without overheating. Think yoga or Capri pants, which need to fit well without restricting blood flow. As for tops, yoga T shirts or tank tops are ideal. If you prefer something looser, go for a high neckline and something to hold it in place in the waist
•             Iyengar Yoga: This is more intense, and focuses on aligning the body precisely. You will need fitted clothing. Think organic cotton and gorgeous colours.
•             Bikram Yoga: Perhaps the most intense style of yoga around, this takes place in a heated area to keep muscles warm, and includes elements of other, more vigorous forms of exercise. You will sweat quite a lot. So go for breathable gear, with moisture wicking if possible. Consider a sports bra, and shorts or tight Capris that still give plenty of movement. An extra towel and plenty of water are also good ideas.

As we said, this is not a definitive list of yoga variations, but it covers three popular styles, and should get you thinking as you put together a yoga wardrobe.

Yoga Clothing from Wellicious

At Wellicious, we’re a London-based lifestyle brand for yoga and Pilates garments, as well as loungewear, made in a range of high quality materials.

Whether you buy our yoga trousers or anything else, we make sure we incorporate the latest colours and styles so that you look and feel great. Equally, we only use sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

We’re always on the lookout for the latest designs and, what’s more, we test everything ourselves in our own studio to be sure our customers will love them, and that the quality is at the standard we require.

You can also use our online platform to share tips and trends to do with yoga, Pilates and any other aspects of leading a glamorous, healthy and responsible life.

We sell to high-end department stores, spas and lifestyle shops, and you can also browse our online boutique.


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