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Ayurvedic Cooking & Yoga – put inside what you hope to get out!

In this article, Wellicious Fan Charlotte Saint Jean tells us more about Ayurvedic Cooking and nutrition.
Charlotte Saint Jean has been teaching yoga since 2002 in France. She is now the founder & director of an online yoga and wellbeing site for the French-speaking market.

Ayurveda is an ancient science that looks at balancing your body’s natural doshic state. We are each born with a predominant Ayurvedic type – Vata (air), Kapha (earth) and Pitta (fire). We all have all three elements within us but there is always a dominant one. Depending on the activity you do, what you eat and drink, the season of the year your body will react or be in or out of balance. Taking just a little time to look at our body type is a very rewarding activity. Learning how certain food types work better with our constitution and how we can encourage energy or reduce fire is not as hard as it sounds but it needs some guidance.

Practising yoga and the postures, meditation and breathing that we do tends to encourage a natural desire to also eat and live better off the mat. Learning how to cook in an ayurvedic manner, adapting dishes to suit our Doshic state, our western lives and our desire to put in what is good for us to get out an even better “me”….is a great skill to learn.
What better way than going to a retreat to do just that. Many places now offer themed retreats allowing you to learn more about your body and its needs, deepen your own practise and leave with skills that you can then practise yourself.
Practise Yoga morning and evening to suit the different doshas – balance them or encourage what is lacking – and then combining that with cooking classes and eating the fruits of your labour and all in the idyllic setting of a French farmhouse with qualified yoga teachers, an Ayurvedic cook and masseur.

Charlotte Saint Jean and Jane Allan have organised such a retreat at Charlott’s home in the Ardeche. 17th – 21st May at 565 euro excluding travel come and join them for a few days of great food, good yoga and an amazing setting!


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