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Could yoga make pregnancy easier?

Yoga has long been thought of as a great way to improve health, fitness and overall wellbeing, and this can be truer still during pregnancy. Exercising during those 9 months can help you stay fit and healthy, providing benefits for you as well as baby, and yoga could be ideal—it’s a relatively gentle form of exercise which means you’re not putting unnecessary pressure on your body, and there’s even been research to indicate that it could make pregnancy as a whole far easier.

Prevent complications

Things like diabetes and high blood pressure are unfortunate yet common complications for a lot of women during pregnancy, but studies have shown that yoga could help overcome these kinds of issues. The study, published by Preventative Medicine, took 68 high-risk pregnant women and assigned them into two groups. The first received standard care (they were given general advice on diet and lifestyle) whilst the second group were given standard care plus a one-hour yoga session three times per week, with the results showing that this yoga group experienced less pregnancy-related high blood pressure and diabetes and also had fewer low-weight babies.


Stress is bad for you as well as baby, and that’s why engaging in regular yoga practice could be ideal. Yoga is great for the mind as well as the body and has long been used as a way to relieve anxiety, reduce stress and even help with instances of depression, and studies support this claim—it’s been shown to significantly reduce levels of cortisol, adrenalin and blood sugar in the body, with pregnant women who undergo this form of exercise typically showing a lower level of perceived stress during those 9 months.

Make labour easier

Sounds impossible, but yoga can even be a way to make labour easier. It can strengthen the body, improve flexibility and help your body prepare for the physical demands placed on it during delivery, and because yoga can boost stamina and endurance it could help reduce fatigue during childbirth. Again, the relaxation potential of yoga can pose a huge benefit—meditation and breathing practice can help reduce anxiety whilst aiding concentration, helping the mum-to-be coordinate her breathing and contractions, ideally reducing the difficulty of labour and making it that bit easier.

Want to get started?

As you can see, yoga offers numerous benefits during those 9 months. You should always seek classes that have been specifically designed for pregnant women—not only will they be safer, gentler and more suitable for pregnancy but a lot will even teach specific poses that could help during childbirth, and if you want to give it a go you’ll need the right yoga wear to suit. That’s where we come in. We’ve got a fantastic range of maternity yoga clothes that can ensure you’ll be totally comfortable during those classes whilst giving you the style and support you want, so take a look around for maternity yoga wear and you’ll be ready to see if yoga can make pregnancy easier.


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