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The benefits of Bikram Yoga

If there’s one style of yoga that gets people talking, it’s Bikram. Bikram, or hot yoga as it’s otherwise known, is a type of yoga practice that incorporates 26 poses and breathing exercises held in a room heated to 40°C, and it’s touted as being an exercise that delivers full-body benefits. So, we thought we’d let you in on a few of them.

•    It’s great for your body as well as your mind, having been specifically designed to target common physical issues associated with Western culture whilst addressing emotional and psychological ailments too.

•    It promotes balance, strength, flexibility and mental wellbeing, with each pose targeting different organs and the sequence being carefully designed to move oxygen around every part of the body and restore your internal system to full health.

•    It’s great for weight loss. You can burn anywhere between 500 and 1000 calories per session, and it can even help to regulate your digestive system and metabolism to normalise appetite and reduce cravings.

•    It can help treat anything from arthritis and back pain to high blood pressure and depression. The mind and body becomes balanced whilst the twisting, bending, compression and heat combine to alleviate pain and improve mobility, being great for a whole range of concerns.

•    Ideal for stress management. Focusing on the asana can calm the mind, increase mental clarity and reduce tension, and regular practice has even been shown to reduce cortisol levels for maximum benefit. It’s almost a form of silent meditation where you’re totally focused on you and the present moment.

•    It can be a great way to prevent injury. The fact your joints and muscles are becoming stronger and more flexible means you’ll be less likely to get injured in another sport, boosting stability and being a great preventative measure.

•    Detoxifying benefits. All forms of yoga are thought to help detoxify the body, but perhaps even more so with Bikram—sweating is not only a great way to remove toxins but it opens up the pores and allows lanolin to be released, softening the skin and promoting its elasticity. You’ll be left with the “Bikram glow” having been detoxified from the inside-out.

•    Improved fitness overall. Sounds obvious, but worth mentioning nonetheless—this form of yoga promotes endurance, core strength, flexibility and fitness as a whole, with a lot of professional athletes swearing by it and incorporating it into their training routines.

These are just a few benefits of Bikram, and hopefully the thought of all that sweating hasn’t put you off—in fact, it’s the high temperatures that make this style so beneficial. Ready to give it a go? Then you’ll need the right yoga clothes to accommodate, and that’s where we come in. We’ve got a fantastic range of high-quality, fun and vibrant yoga workout clothes that can provide the style and comfort you’re looking for, and with plenty of yoga shorts and tanks to choose from you’ll have the perfect outfit for exercising in that heat. So, make sure to take a look around to find suitable clothing and you’ll be one step closer to experiencing the benefits of Bikram for yourself.


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