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How yoga can help beat, treat and prevent sports injuries

As any yoga fan will tell you, the practice can be a great way to improve strength, stamina and fitness as a whole. But, did you know that it can do so much more than that? It’s touted as being a way to not only prevent injuries but to treat them too, being a primary form of rehabilitation and a key method of muscle strengthening to ensure you’re in peak physical condition and able to avoid a lot of potential injuries. So, let’s take a closer look at what yoga can do for you…

Yoga as a preventative tool

Yoga can be the ultimate conditioning tool and a great way for athletes to get in shape, providing a great foundation for further training. This is particularly the case given that yoga is so focused on stretching—people often underestimate the importance of stretching, even athletes, and often tend to focus only on muscles that are tight. This can be a big mistake, as opening up all other muscles will mean they’re a lot more flexible and will allow you to work on all areas of the body. Regular practice can offer a huge range of fitness benefits and not only can this improved level of flexibility, strength and overall conditioning boost performance but it can prevent injuries too—a body that’s stronger and more flexible will be better able to cope with the pressures placed on it by other exercises as rarely-used muscle groups won’t be caught unawares, and that could easily lead to a reduction in the number (and severity) of injuries sustained.

Yoga as rehabilitation

Engaging in regular yoga practice can also be a great way to rehabilitate from an injury already sustained, with it enhancing the body’s natural healing processes to boost recovery, relieve pain and improve overall health. Whilst all forms of yoga can be beneficial in this sense, it’s arguably Bikram that provides the most benefit—the combination of the heat of the room and specially-designed asana can help build up muscles, release tight joints and increase the range of motion, boosting recovery and helping athletes get back on form. Stability will be improved and strength will gradually increase with it being a great way to realign the body, and then there’s the carefully-controlled breathing utilised in many yoga practices. Oxygen-rich blood is pumped around the body to target every area, and with yoga being a great stress reliever it can also reduce the stress and anxiety associated with an injury which could, in turn, speed up the healing process as the mind will be helped as much as the body.

So there you have it—yoga is not only great for overall fitness and wellbeing but it could prevent injuries and even help treat those already sustained, and with the right yoga clothing by your side you’ll be good to go. So, make sure to take a look around for everything from yoga trousers to tank tops and you’ll soon have the women’s yoga clothingyou need to hit the mat and experience the benefits for yourself.


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