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Starting your day with an invigorating home yoga session

If you’d like to do some yoga in the morning but can’t quite get into the habit, you might benefit from taking on board some simple tips.
Slipping into your yoga wear first thing and going through the exercises can really help to set you up for the day and boost your health and wellbeing, so it’s well worth making the effort.

Short and sweet

Firstly, it’s important not to over-stretch yourself by attempting sessions that are too long. No one likes the sound of the alarm going off and if you aim to complete lengthy sessions, you’ll have to get up too early. Ultimately, this is unsustainable.

Instead, it’s best to keep your morning yoga routines short and sweet. It’s perfectly possible to get a good session in within 15 minutes, leaving you with enough time to eat your breakfast, shower and get out of the door on time.

A special area

Rather than trying to go through your exercises in your bedroom or just plonking yourself down on any old spot around your home, try to create a designated area to do your exercises. It’s really important that you can focus on your breathing and technique, so the last thing you need is your partner snoring in the background, or kids’ toys strewn around you.

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room that’s not being used for something else, you can set part of this aside and set up a permanent base for your yoga. If you don’t have this luxury, you can roll out your yoga exercise mats at night in your chosen space and make sure the surrounding area is free from clutter.

The last thing you’ll want to do when you’re bleary-eyed and sleepy in the morning is start clearing things away to make room for your exercises. This will serve as a major disincentive.

Don’t think about your day

Also, to get the most from your yoga, try not to think about the day ahead. You’ll have plenty of time to do this while you’re in the shower, on your commute and so on. Yoga is all about cleansing the mind, not filling it with potential worries and tasks.

Hold off with breakfast

Even if you’re hungry when you wake up in the morning, try not to eat your breakfast until you’ve finished your yoga routine. It’s only 15 minutes remember, and if you’re full when you start your exercises, you might feel uncomfortable.

Are you sitting comfortably?

It’s also really important to make sure you’re comfy when you’re doing your routine and this is where great quality women’s yoga clothing comes into its own. Here at Wellicious we offer an impressive range of garments that could be ideal for you.

Our tops, trousers, shorts and other items are vibrant and flattering, and they feel great to wear. By laying out your yoga wear before you go to bed so that you can find it quickly and easily in the morning, you can make it that little bit easier to launch into your exercises.


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