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The Benefits of Yoga for the Busy Mum-to-Be

It is never too early or too late to take up yoga. You may be thinking: ‘I’m not flexible’ or ‘I’ll never get into those positions, or worse,’ I’ll never get out of them’. You need to stop and think about what yoga can actually do for you. To the uninitiated, yoga, translated from Sanskrit, means ‘union’, such as the union you achieve between mind, body and soul. Many people believe that yoga is simply about stretching the muscles, but in reality, it is so much more. Yoga is really about creating a balance in the body through a system of stretches and poses, each with its own benefit to health.

A big part of yoga is learning different breathing techniques to promote rest and relaxation, especially important in pregnant women. Yoga is an ideal exercise regime for pregnant women as the gentle stretches can help prepare your mind and body to cope with pregnancy and the labour. Of course, there are some poses to avoid in pregnancy and certain precautions to take to ensure your safety and that of the baby, but with the right instruction and guidance, yoga during pregnancy can be majorly beneficial.

Before you begin yoga, it is important to dress the part.Yoga clothes should be loose and comfortable, giving your body room to move without being restricted and allowing your skin to breathe. Maternity yoga clothes will give you and your growing bump the support you need. Of course, these clothes don’t need to be frumpy and unfashionable; At Wellicious we have a huge range of maternity yoga wear in lots of colours so you can look stylish at every class.

Yoga is a popular workout for mums-to-be who don’t have the energy or the inclination to visit the gym, and why should they when yoga offers so many benefits? Yoga can help women get through pregnancy and child birth with minimal discomfort. Midwives have reported that expectant mums who practise yoga are happier and healthier, are more flexible (vital for those awkward positions during labour) and have more elastic ligaments and muscles which can help ease the pain. The stretching portions of the classes can assist in relieving aches and pains and can also boost circulation.

The breathing and meditation parts of the classes are especially popular with expectant mums as this ‘me time’ gives them time to relax and begin to mentally prepare for the birth. With regular practice of breathing techniques to calm and relax, when the baby does decide to put in an appearance, the mum can simply call upon her experience and relax making it a lot less stressful.

Before embarking upon any exercise regime when pregnant, it is vitally important to seek advice from your doctor or midwife to ensure that they type of exercise you choose is suitable for you. It is also important to choose a yoga instructor who has experience of pregnant women in their classes so they can advise you how to avoid injury. Yoga is fantastic for pregnant women, so give it a go and experience the benefits for yourself.


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