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Delicious Winter Veggie Burgers

This week Sweetly Simple has created this delicious Veggie Burger recipe for Wellicious. Sweetly Simple is a company founded on a love of simple and whole food eating, with the aim to inspire others through nutrition advice, cooking demonstrations and health related events. The information offered is based on the principle of Macrobiotics, uniting the mind, body and spirit, understanding and utilising the properties of food. For more information please visit:
Thank you to Sweetly Simple for this very good healthy recipe.

What you need:

2 cups cooked adzuki beans
1 cup kale (finely chopped)
½ red onion (diced)
½ - 1 grated carrot
1 cup oats (use less or more depending on how juicy your beans are!)
2 tbsp soy sauce (you may want more if you like a richer taste)
Oil for frying

How to do:

Gently mix beans, vegetables and soy sauce in a bowl.
Stir in oats gradually and either add less or more depending on how juicy your beans are  as you want your burgers to stick together but not be too dry.
Form mixture into small patties.
Fry in a pan for a few minutes on each side until a turning brown and crispy.
Note: If you don’t fancy frying you can always bake the burgers, but they do tend to come out a little bit drier.
Tip: Soak your beans overnight and cook with a small piece of Kombu/ Kelp seaweed to aid digestion, reduce gas and add extra minerals.

Enjoy your healthy and delicious veggie patties with whole grain bread and some vegetables you like.

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