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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  • Yoga on the top of the world

    After 3 hours hiking and further 3500m climbing, you should make a break. But Martina Cufar is doing Yoga on the highest mountains. It  is a compensation to climbing and she is better prepared for the climb-down. The photographer Lukasz Warzecha ( joined her and made wonderful pictures. More information and futher pitures: h ...

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  • Boost your immune system

         Be prepared for all the germs outside! A good support for your immune system is elderberry. This little power berry may help you recover more quickly from flu or cold. Cook them in a little bit of water for one hour and collect the juice in a bottle. The fruit leftovers should be squeeze through a tea cloth to get the whole juice. Both liq ...

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  • Yoga and Ayurveda retreat at Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort Sri Lanka

    Yoga and Ayurveda retreat at Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort Sri Lanka With Yogi Ashokananda Dates: 27 November - 6 December 2012 A nice reatreat to purify and revitalize your body and mind with Yoga. Experience greater health with Ayurveda, one of the oldest medical systems in the world that suits every need of modern life. Enjoy the beautiful ...

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  • Beautiful Julia Pritzel is wearing Wellicious in her new video

    Watch this lovely teaser with Wellicious fan Julia Pritzel wearing a Wellicious LA Tank & Mumbai Pants. She looks really gorgeous and we look forward to see the whole video.     More information at:

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