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QUANTUM YOGA TEACHER TRAINING with Judith Daniel & Lara Baumann

     A one month intensive course - 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification

Sunday 13 January to Sunday 10 February 2013

Quantum Yoga is a dynamic and flowing system of Yoga, which advocates vinyasa/breath synchronised movement. Through assessment using the Ayurvedic Doshas (mind/body constitutions in the ancient Indian Science of Life) and applying the Quantum grouping and sequencing laws, it encourages the student to find their ideal practise. There couldn't be a more magical place for students to fully immerse themselves in the study of Yoga than Harmonic on Patnem Beach. Not only are they in India, the home and heart of yoga, but this hilltop shala overlooking the sea, provides the perfect backdrop for inspired learning. Throughout this one month intensive, students will study all aspects of Yoga, from its historical and philosophical roots through to current day practise. For more information: and

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