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It is never too late to get stuck into yoga

There's no denying the popularity of yoga these days. Celebrities and consumers alike are slipping into their yoga clothing and getting stuck into the exercises. It also seems as though it's never too late to start making the most of this ancient discipline. Experts suggest that there are numerous health benefits associated with the exercises and one of those to sing yoga's praises is Josephine Fairley. Writing in the Guardian, the Yoga For Life author pointed out that these techniques can be used to fight stiffness, hardening of the arteries, hormonal fluctuations, depression and loss of bone density. She acknowledged that people can be reluctant to start taking part in the exercises in later life, but added that the benefits associated with donning yoga workout clothes and going through the different movements, breathing techniques and so on can be hugely positive. The specialist added: "It is, so experts insist, never too late to take up yoga." One study that helped to reinforce this idea was conducted by scientists at the University of California in Los Angeles. They enrolled 21 over-60s into a weekly hatha yoga class that ran for 12 sessions. All the individuals were suffering from hyperkyphosis, which is a curvature of the spine that interferes with normal movement. The research, which was published in The American Journal of Public Health, reported impressive results. The curvatures themselves were reduced by an average of six per cent, walking speeds went up by eight per cent and reaches were improved by 18 per cent. Many participants also noted that their balance was better. Meanwhile, Ms Fairley went on to draw attention to a small pilot study published in Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation that suggested regular yoga activity can help people gain bone density. With this in mind, the author remarked: "If you were to topple, yoga might just save you from snapping a femur." If you're thinking of investing in some stylish yoga trousers and tops and getting involved in the discipline, you might want to avoid starting off with high-intensity classes. Ms Fairley remarked: "Beginners, certainly, should be wary of fast-paced classes, which in my experience give the lie to the notion that yoga isn't competitive. They may be a fast-track to injury among novices." Meanwhile, she added that it's a good idea to combine yoga with other forms of exercise. For example, taking regular power walks can boost fitness as well. Of course, if you're planning to join a yoga class to enhance your overall wellbeing, you'll want to look the part. This is where we come in. Here at Wellicious we're passionate about providing vibrant, feminine and flattering garments. Also, so that you can concentrate fully in your lessons, we make sure our clothes are supremely comfortable. To check out our fabulous selection of items, just take a look around our online boutique. You're bound to find items that really take your fancy. We also provide a selection of beauty and relaxation products.


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