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No longer guilty conscience

    Are you considering to get a pair of new shoes? If so what about some eco- friendly shoes? And no, not of these eco shoes, where you can see that they are sustainable produced. Nice Sneakers and High heels are now available from sustainable brands such as Veja/ made of tanned leather, organic cotton and natural rubber without any chemical method. The shoes are produced in Brazil and help the local organic farmers to live from their work. Even Vegan Lovers would love it! Or you may buy something more elegant? Beyond Skin makes stylish footwear and uses only organic materials like organic cotton, PU and their products contains no leather or other animal products. More sustainable brands on:

Another little secret – check out Wellicious! We are a London based yoga, pilates and lounge label that also produced in a very sustainable way.

Source: German Journal: Knaup, D. (2012), 'Fair geht vor', freundin DONNA 10/2012.

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