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Never forget your yoga mat

Before you set off to your yoga classes, it's a good idea to check you have everything you could possibly need to help ensure you get the most from the sessions. For example, it's vital you have the appropriate yoga clothes. Thankfully, these days, it's easy to source fantastic garments and accessories to go with them. Recently, Yahoo! Lifestyle UK contributor Anya Graham issued tips to yoga fans concerning what they should take with them to their exercise sessions. After pointing out that there are many different styles of yoga and some use a variety of props, she suggested that it's well worth while taking your own yoga exercise mats. She remarked: "Lots of studios provide [mats] for you to use, but there is nothing better than having your own. You'll be the only one who has used it, you'll know how clean it is and best of all it is your own personal space in the yoga room." The writer added: "Some people like to think of each practice as a moving meditation, so owning your own mat is like having a sacred space. It can be infused with your own energy, which many believe helps their future practices and makes relaxation periods more meaningful." Thankfully, getting your hands on items like this is now straightforward. Here at Wellicious we stock a number of these products and should have the perfect version for you. For example, you might be keen to get your hands on our Divine Yoga Mat in caviar black. This striking design is produced to the highest specifications and it measures 60cm by 180cm. Of course, mats aren't the only things you'll need to take with you to your classes. Ms Graham pointed out that water is also crucial as it's necessary to stay hydrated throughout sessions. She also suggested that it can be helpful to dress in layers. This means you can ensure you're warm when you start the class, but don't become overheated during it. By shedding garments, you can cool yourself down. To do this, it's important you think carefully about the women's yoga tops and other items you select. Ms Graham also advised against eating less than a couple of hours before your class. However, after the session is finished, it's important to refuel, she stated. According to the expert, having something light and healthy like a piece of fruit should help to see you through to your next full meal. So that you don't forget any important items, it can help to set aside a few minutes before your yoga sessions, she claimed. This can enable you to plan ahead and work out exactly what you need. You can then place these items in a bag before heading off. Meanwhile, if you need to stock up on any items, you can peruse our online boutique. We stock an array of gorgeous garments and handy accessories that may be just what you're after.


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